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New Release Blast Giveaway ~ The Legend of Lyon Redmond by @JulieAnneLong


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Complete Print Set of the Pennyroyal Green Series

Pennyroyal Green #11
Julie Anne Long
Releasing Sept 29th, 2015
Avon Books

Bound by centuries of bad blood, England’s two most powerful families maintain a veneer of civility...until the heir to the staggering Redmond fortune disappears, reviving rumors of an ancient curse: a Redmond and an Eversea are destined to fall disastrously in love once per generation.

An enduring legend

Rumor has it she broke Lyon Redmond’s heart. But while many a man has since wooed the dazzling Olivia Eversea, none has ever won her—which is why jaws drop when she suddenly accepts a viscount’s proposal. Now London waits with bated breath for the wedding of a decade…and wagers on the return of an heir.

An eternal love

It was instant and irresistible, forbidden...and unforgettable. And Lyon—now a driven, dangerous, infinitely devastating man—decides it’s time for a reckoning. As the day of her wedding races toward them, Lyon and Olivia will decide whether their love is a curse destined to tear their families part...or the stuff of which legends are made.

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He’d last seen Pennyroyal Green in the dead of night almost five years ago. His trajectory since then had been as swift and mindless as if he’d been shot from a cannon. And it wasn’t just because of what Olivia had said to him in the garden after midnight, in the pouring rain. Though after she’d said what she’d said, for a time he’d stopped caring what became of him.

No, that fuse had been lit for longer than anyone knew.

No one from Sussex had seen him since.

Though one had certainly tried. He half smiled at the thought of Violet.

And it was this that had broken the speed of his trajectory.

And he’d had his own methods for remaining, however tangentially, informed about the lives of those he’d left behind. He’d proved something over the past five years. He’d at first thought it was all for Olivia. But he was no longer certain. He’d tried to purge his life of her, relinquishing even her miniature.

Clearly it hadn’t worked.

But what no one knew, not even his crew, was that this was his final voyage. He’d risked this trip into London to track down the source of a little mystery that could devastate Olivia and her family.

He now had his answer.

He was, strangely, not surprised by it.

But he hadn’t been prepared to make a decision about what to do next so soon.

Oh, Liv, he thought.

Suddenly it hurt to breathe. Fragments of memories rushed at him, each distinct as stained glass.
Olivia walking along the road to the Duffys’ house, then breaking into a run when she saw him waiting beneath the elm tree, her face lighting like a star. As if even a second away from him was wasted.

That was the memory that always came to him in his darkest moments.

And now she was giving herself to another man.

His fingers curled on a surge of emotion. But he stopped just short of giving the message the crushing it deserved.

She. If Lavay had indeed written that word, he might have seen her, or even talked to her, or …

He couldn’t do it.

He couldn’t bloody do it.

And this is what decided him.

He tucked the message into his coat. “You can go, Ramsey,” he said. “Thank you.”

The footman spun and nearly bolted, silver braid glinting in the sun.

Lyon turned to face all the expectant faces of his crew.

“And we,” he told them, “are staying in England.”

It was time for a reckoning.


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Julie Anne Long originally set out to be a rock star when she grew up, and she has the guitars and the questionable wardrobe stuffed in the back of her closet t prove it. When playing to indifferent crowds at midnight in dank clubs lost its, ahem, charm, she realized she could incorporate all of the best things about being in a band—namely, drama, passion and men with unruly hair—into novels, while at the same time indulging her love of history and research. So she made the move from guitar to keyboard (the computer variety) and embarked on a considerably more civilized, if not much more peaceful, career as a novelist.
Julie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with a fat orange cat. (Little known fact: they issue you a cat the minute you become a romance novelist.)

New Release Review and Giveaway ~ Hold Me Until Morning by @ChristinaPh_


Title: Hold Me Until Morning (Grayson Brothers Book 2)
Author: Christina Phillips
Release Date: September 28th, 2015
Publisher: Entangled Brazen

She's the one girl he should never touch...

Cooper Grayson is supposed to hole up in a mountain cabin and protect his best friend's little sister from the paparazzi for a week. That's it. But Paris O'Connell isn't a kid anymore, and it's hard to remember this is strictly business when she bats her big green eyes at him...then crashes through all his carefully placed boundaries.

Paris loves a challenge. And gorgeous Cooper Grayson is the most dangerous challenge she's faced yet. He ignores the sizzling attraction that keeps her awake at nights, and he doesn't care about her fame or her contacts, only seeing her. When they finally kiss, Cooper leaves her bare. Exposed. His for the taking. And take he does...

For one incredibly hot week, Cooper fulfils her every fantasy. But when the real world crashes in, so does reality. And reality tells them there's no way a Hollywood star and a bad boy from the wrong side of town could ever have a future together.

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Cooper Grayson lets his best friend, Scott, talk him into a week long job. This isn't just any job. He has to spend a week guarding Hollywood's "It" girl, Paris O'Connell, in a secluded cabin.

Christina Phillips does it again with the tale of Cooper and Paris. The steam heats up the pages from the very beginning. I love how Phillips effortlessly describes the best kind of sexual tension, mutual. The couple tries to fight the amazing chemistry they have while tucked away in the wilderness, but the obstacles that prevent their consummation don't seem unsurmountable for long.

I laughed my way through Paris and her little quirks, swooned when Cooper said the very best things, and cried when it almost fell apart. The road to love always has a few bumps, but Phillips gives us a few unexpected twists and turns before giving us a taste of the happily ever after.

Hold Me Until Morning is a sinful dose of what life is like for extraordinary people to get caught up in an ordinary life.

Thank you to Christina Phillips and Entangled Publishing for gifting me with a copy of Hold Me Until Morning in exchange for an honest review. I can't wait to hear what Phillips has in store for the oldest Grayson, Alex, in the next installment of the series.


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About Christina Phillips

Christina Phillips is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in sunny Western Australia with her high school sweetheart and their family. She enjoys writing paranormal, historical and contemporary romance where the stories sizzle and the heroine brings her hero to his knees.

She is a triple finalist in the 2013 ARRA Awards for Favorite Erotic Romance, and finalist in the 2012 ARRA Awards for Favorite Paranormal Romance. She is published by Entangled, Ellora’s Cave and Berkley Heat and has dipped her toe in the indie pubbed waters. She is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America, the Dark Side Down Under Group blog and Historical Hearts Group blog. She helped establish the inaugural Professional Development for Authors program and has been a member of the editorial team for the RWA’s monthly newsletter, Hearts Talk. She loves hearing from her readers!

Christina is addicted to good coffee, expensive chocolate and bad boy heroes. She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

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Romantic Suspense Review and Giveaway ~ The Lair by @ABMichaelsbooks


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A Sinner's Grove Novel
A.B. Michaels
Released June 16th, 2015
Red Trumpet Press

The Lair follows on the heels of Sinner’s Grove, a contemporary suspense novel centered around the fictional artists’ retreat on the northern California coast known as “The Grove.”

Dani Dunn, the local innkeeper, has just learned of her famous father’s death and must travel back to her home country of Italy to attend the funeral. To say she’s not looking forward to it is an understatement. In fact, she’s petrified. The estate she grew up in holds terrifying memories that she knows she’ll have to confront if she’s ever to get on with her life.

Complicating matters is the fact that her flirtatious friend, Detective Gabe de la Torre, is coming along for the ride – without being asked. However, as Dani discovers the true evil that awaits her, Gabe proves he’s much more than a friend – he’s a sworn protector who may lose his own life in the process of saving hers.

WARNING: THE LAIR deals with a very real, but sensitive subject, human trafficking.  It may be disturbing to some readers.

Dani Dunn's life in California is interrupted by the sudden death of her father back in her home country of Italy. Family friend, Gabe de la Torre, travels with her to be a shoulder whether Dani likes it or not. Once in Italy, the real drama begins. Nightmares and memories plague Dani once in her father's home. Gabe's investigative nature leads him to help Dani, personally and professionally.

Michaels kept me on my toes from the prologue to the very last page. I continued to read and almost devour every word in an effort to find out what horrors were taking place in Dani's family business, The Stella d'Italia Hotel empire. The intricately woven story of family, fortunes, and even murder shows the depths one writer goes through to tell a story others might fear to tell.

The Lair is an all too real tale that will keep your pulse racing from the first word to the last. Bravo to Miss Michaels for being bold and talented enough to create the world Dani and Gabe live in. I look forward to reading the next novel in the Sinner's Grove series, The Depth of Beauty.

Thank you to AB Michaels for gifting me a copy of The Lair in exchange for an honest review.


Exclusive Excerpt

The nerve of Gabriele. For the past fourteen months, ever since he’d joined the Marin County Investigation Division, Detective de la Torre had made it his life’s work to get under Dani’s skin. Well, perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration, but still. First he’d tried to come on to her, using their shared heritage as a line. They were both from northern Italy; surely they could get together some evening and talk over their shared cultural roots? Fortunately she’d put a stop to that pretty quickly. In no uncertain terms she’d told Mr. Dolce & Gabbana that although he seemed like a nice enough man, he held no physical attraction for her whatsoever. It was a lie, of course, but she wasn’t about to share why they couldn’t make a go of it.
 Her brush-off was a gamble. Gabe was single and didn’t like eating by himself, so he was a regular at her restaurant, part of the inn she owned in Little Eden. She didn’t want to lose his business, so she had tried to be firm but not rude.  It appeared to be working. He still ate at her place without seeming to harbor any bad feelings.
            Oh, who was she kidding? Gabe had dropped any romantic interest in Dani in a flash—so quickly that she wondered if she’d imagined his interest all along. He still flirted with her, but there was a slightly mocking tone to it, as if he dared her to take him seriously. Of course, she didn’t.  She couldn’t. Now he was simply a friend who liked to tease her—a good friend most of the time, and a meddling friend at times like these.
            Dani glanced at the businessman, who had asked the flight attendant if she had any Italian newspapers. She came back with a copy of Corriere della Sera. As Don Juan leafed through it, a photo on page three caught Dani’s eye; it was a stock shot of her father, Armando Forcelli. The headline read, drug use suspected in fatal joyride of hotel heir. Immediately, tears began to well up and Dani quickly fumbled in her bag for some tissue, hoping neither of her seat-mates would notice.
Several days earlier she’d learned that her father, the son of one of Italy’s most famous hoteliers, had died in a boating accident. As his sole beneficiary, she was in fact headed to the Forcelli family compound in Verona to attend her father’s funeral and sign some papers pertaining to his estate. She told herself there was no logical reason to feel so emotionally vulnerable.  She’d seen her father only a handful of times over the past dozen years, ever since … ever since she left Italy. Yet it was as if her feelings had climbed aboard a roller coaster and wouldn’t get off the tracks. She’d be fine for a while and then a memory would skirt by of her babbo carrying her on his shoulders down the long picture gallery … or taking her to a special place in the old city he said had the best gelato in all of Italy. She’d remember the scent of his cologne, just a hint of lemons and spice … and the feel of her small hand encased in his big warm one. Then the tears would start to flow and she’d wonder, panicked, if they would ever stop.

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A.B. Michaels' dual-genre series "Sinner's Grove" follows the family, friends and associates connected to a world-famous artists' retreat on the California coast.  While The Lair is a contemporary novel of romantic suspense, The Depth of Beauty (soon to be published) is historical fiction, set at the turn of the twentieth century. Both San Francisco and the retreat of Sinner's Grove are featured in the story.  

To read a free samplevisit https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3MTD47701RSD4.  If you enjoy the sample, please nominate it for Kindle Press; if it's accepted, you'll receive a free download of the entire book.

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Born and raised in northern California, A.B. Michaels holds master's degrees in history and broadcasting, and worked for many years in the public relations and marketing fields. An avid quilter and bocce player, she currently lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and two furry "sons" who don't seem to realize they're just dogs.