Happy Book Birthday, @MaryL_MarissaC! Review of Neighbors with Benefits

Love thy sexy jerk of a neighbor…

CEO Michael Anderson might be something of a “control freak.” Still, he’s not quite sure why his therapist thinks dogsitting will fix anything—especially since he and the canine share a kind of mutual loathing. And to make matters worse, a house sitter moves in next door disrupting his peace—and his dates—with the worst possible music at the worst possible time... every time.

Free-spirited artist Mia Argaropolis has settled into the perfect gig—housesitting in NYC’s Upper West Side while working as an art therapist. Too bad she’s stuck living next door to a bossy control freak with a penchant for calling building security when she blasts music to drown out the noises coming through his bedroom wall.

Post-apocalyptic dinner rolls that nearly take her kitchen with them, a douchebag ex, and a Shih Tzu with the personality of Godzilla attack Mia in one day, and her unlikely neighbor comes to the rescue. Like it was her fault. And now, somehow, they find themselves engaged? Both agree, this neighborly feud just got taken to a whole new level.

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You know when they say, "it's always the quite ones"? The same goes for the ones that hold on to their control the tightest. When they lose the long-held control, they do it spectacularly.

In the second book of the Anderson Brothers series, the oldest brother, Michael, is about to spiral out of control. He is fostering a dog for his therapist, working on the biggest deal of his career, and not getting anything done in the bedroom (sleep or otherwise) due to the house sitter in his neighbor's apartment.

Mia is a nomad, moving from one house sitting job to the next, with only one real constant in her life, the group of ladies she instructs in an art therapy class at the local retirement home. She does not realize that her way of life is more about protecting herself from heartache than being able to make connections with people.

After Mia and Michael have a terrible first meeting, Michael feels horrible when Mia's ex shows up and says some of the very same things Michael did. Michael butts in hoping to help the situation and ends up declaring himself Mia's fiancé.

From this point on, I did not have any idea how Marissa Clarke was going to spin this story. The couple's explosive attraction was evident from the first touch, but I never guessed Mia would be the one to hold back. Clarke surprised me at every turn and thrilled me with every kiss. Each kiss was like an event. Some authors get to wordy and descriptive about kisses, passion, and sex. Clarke did not do that here. The couple's first three kisses were like a getting pulled onto the dance floor when your favorite song begins to play, completely spontaneous and uninhibited. Michael's carefully planned life gets upended and, in the long run, he begins to love the mess.

I haven't read the first book in the series, Sleeping with the Boss, but if it is anywhere close to the phenomenal caliber of writing that Neighbors with Benefits is, I will move it to the top of my TBR list.

Thanks so much to Marissa Clarke and Entangled Lovestruck for granting me with a copy of Neighbors with Benefits in exchange for an honest review.


Marissa Clarke lives in Texas, where everything is bigger, especially the mosquitoes. 

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