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Frequent Flyers - NOW AVAILABLE!

Romance flies the friendly skies in this diverse collection of short stories from a talented group of best-selling and up-and-coming authors.

There’s something for everyone in this mile-high compilation – from a love story born in a blizzard to a steamy encounter spawned by a series of crazy events. For supernatural fiction fans, how about the tale of an airport that’s also a portal to another world… or a scheduled flight that takes a detour into an alternate reality?

From an unexpected trip that reignites a twenty year old flame, to a quirky liaison between a ticketing agent and an adorable doctor, Frequent Flyers takes you on a journey that will touch your heart and leave you flying high!

Eye of the storm Eye of the Storm by Beth Bolden - Commercial pilot Captain Grant Montgomery III lives for the rules; flight attendant Tess O'Brien loves to break them. The storm brewing between them might be even wilder than the record-breaking blizzard outside.

"I loved Tess. She reminded me of so many people in my large Irish family, and I saw some aspects of myself in her too." - Goodreads Reviewer
Fly Me to the Moon
Fly Me To The Moon by Bev Elle - Ticketing agent Jessamy Taylor has been in a dating slump that was exacerbated when she moved her sickly mother in. Truth is, she's never gotten over the quirky Dr. Griffin Sanderson whose OCD drives her crazy, despite his excellent bedside manner.

"I love stories about people finding each other again, and this is just what you got with this story.
Beware, you WILL hum the Sinatra song throughout, and beyond, reading this story." - Goodreads Reviewer
Unscheduled Departure Unscheduled Departure by T.M. Franklin – Rowan Elliott is devastated when her boyfriend, Finn, tells her he’s moving across the country to take over the family business, and thrilled when he changes his mind at the last minute and gets off the plane. But then things get . . . weird. And Ro’s left wondering if her boyfriend’s really who she thinks he is.

"The entire thing kept me turning pages. I NEEDED to know what was happening.
Sucked in right from the beginning, pace was perfect." - Goodreads Reviewer
A Midsummer Flight's Dream A Midsummer Flight's Dream by Kira A. Gold - Twenty years ago, he promised to catch her if she fell. Contains young lust, old books, and wild strawberries.

"This story about past love and coming together again later was lovely." - Goodreads Reviewer
Forced Landing Forced Landing by Angel Lawson - Nadya discovers her tiny hometown airport is the portal to a world she never knew existed, one with an ancient history buried deep within her bloodline.

"I loved the paranormal elements...easily could be continued into a series." - Goodreads Reviewer
The Friendly Skies
The Friendly Skies by Amanda Weaver - An unruly drunk, a misbehaving volcano and a re-routed flight lead to one steamy night for two strangers who meet on a plane.

"The relationship between Simon and Cassie was paced perfectly. I half expected it to feel rushed considering the majority of the story takes place in a matter of hours, but it never did. The pacing was perfect." - Goodreads Reviewer
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Frequent Flyers


Anthologies are so fun to read, but sometimes a little difficult to review. This group of stories was fantastic, but each was so different from the other. The common theme of flight was given to the six authors and they took it in six completely different directions. Sweet, steamy, spooky, and even a little scary. There was an element in each story that had me savoring each paragraph.

Eye of the Storm is the story of Tess and Grant. The two had been admiring each other from a far, but Tess was never confident enough to approach the seemingly stiff Grant. I loved the story that Bolden weaved and the characters she created. Making an effort to spend time with someone can completely change your point of view. The attraction was always there for Tess, she just needed the opportunity to pull back some of Grant's layers to find the man inside. A beautiful story of "don't judge a book by it's cover"is told in this eloquently written tale.

Fly Me to the Moon is the story of Jessamy and Griffin. I am a sucker for a second chance story, but this was throughly different from any other I had read before. These two live on the same block, but ended their romance two years before due to both of their difficulties with OCD. Jessamy was the less meticulous one, but when her dating life is in the toilet and Griffin seems to be vastly improving, she decides to give him another chance. My heart hurt for these two as they faced such difficulties in the midst of deep and abiding love. Elle completely won me over with the ending to this short narrative and left me with a feeling of wonderment.

Unscheduled Departure is the story of Rowan and Finn, or at least a version of the two. One decision creates a parallel universe and Ro ends up with a Finn that is not her Finn. Strange phone calls from a private number are from her Finn in another dimension. Franklin kept my mind engaged and my heart pounding as I read every word. A few twists and turns surprised and delighted me. I wouldn't expect anything less from the Paranormal Pro Franklin. She wrote a transcendental adventure that will keep me thinking for years to come.

A Midsummers Flight's Dream is a unique tale of woe about the life of Jolie Flynn. After losing her husband, her job, her house, and her money, her life dips even lower when her beloved great aunt dies. Jolie rushes to Sweden to say her final goodbyes and bumps into her first love, Mattias. Poor Jolie had little left in her life and though comical at times, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Even her meeting with Mattias. The connection was still there after twenty years, but she believed he was happily married with five daughters. This funny, sweet, sad, and ultimately exquisite saga left me with a sense of hope. When you hit bottom, there is nowhere else to go but up and after an arduous journey, Jolie finally begins her rise.

Forced Landing is the story of Naydia and the strange airport that has become her entire life. Her father has owned the small airport since she was born. After her mother's sudden death, her father's strict rules have kept her close to his side and making the airport her world too. Her attraction to one of their best customers, Liam, has her questioning the world around her, rightly so. Liam turns out to be her protector as she is the last of her bloodline to watch over the portal that resides over the airport. Lawson designs another world and races of beings who walk amongst our own, taking the story in a direction I never saw coming. I loved the unexpected path Lawson drew with this story and I can't wait to read more from her.

The Friendly Skies is the story of weary travelers, Cass and Simon. When their flight is unexpectedly turned around due to a volcano, the direction of what could've been a horrendous day ignites a passion the two had been desperately missing. Weaver builds the story in layers as the two spend the day together. The slow burn is so delicious, that when the flame is ignited, you're more than willing to watch it explode over and over again. This seductive fantasy leads to something neither expected and I'm so glad I got to go along for the ride.

Thanks to all the authors of this anthology for giving me a copy of Frequent Flyers in exchange for an honest review.



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About the Authors

Beth BoldenBeth Bolden lives in Portland,Oregon with one cat and one fiance. She wholly believes in Keeping Portland Weird, but wishes she didn’t have to make the yearly pilgrimage up to Seattle to watch her Boston Red Sox play baseball. After graduating from university with a degree in English, Beth unsurprisingly had no idea what to do with her life, and spent the next few years working for a medical equipment supplier, a technology company, and an accounting firm. Now Beth runs her own business as a Girl Friday for small business owners, assisting them with administration, bookkeeping and their general sanity.

Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope springs eternal. Her first novel, The Lucky Charm, was published in May 2014 and its sequel, Getting Lucky will be available December 1, 2014.

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Angel Lawson
Angel Lawson lives with her family in Atlanta and has a lifelong obsession with creating fiction from reality, either with paint or words. On a typical day you can find her writing, reading, plotting her escape from the zombie apocalypse and trying to get the glitter out from under her nails.

She is the author of five books, including the Wraith Series, Serial Summer, FanGirl, and Vigilant. She is the co-author of the New Adult Paranormal book, Odin's Murder with Kira Gold.

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T.M. FranklinT.M. Franklin started out her career writing nonfiction in a television newsroom. Graduating with a B.A. in Communications specializing in broadcast journalism and production, she worked for nine years as a major market television news producer, and garnered two regional Emmy Awards, before she resigned to be a full-time mom and part-time freelance writer. Her first published novel, MORE, was born out of a challenge to write a novel in thirty days issued during National Novel Writing month. MORE was well received, selected as a finalist in the 2013 Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book Awards, and won the Suspense/Thriller division of the Blogger Book Fair Reader’s Choice Awards.

In addition to MORE and its sequels, The Guardians and TWELVE, Franklin has penned the Amazon best-selling short stories, Window and A Piece of Cake. Her Amazon best-selling YA romance, How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You, is Franklin’s first love story without traditionally recognized paranormal or fantasy elements. Although . . . T. M. is the first to argue that love is the best kind of magic.

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Kira Gold
Kira A. Gold is a textile artist living in Lexington, Kentucky. She has four accidental cats and an intentional collection of vintage marionettes. After midnight, she writes strange things in a blue bathrobe.

Her first book, ODIN’S MURDER, with Angel Lawson, is a New Adult paranormal twist on Norse mythology. Her solo debut, THE SCENT OF FLAMES, is a Young Adult take on Hamlet, set in Vermont. Look for her next play on Shakespeare, a seductive and speculative MacBeth, early next year.

Like her author page here: for book info and odd thoughts or follow her inappropriate insanity on twitter: @kiraagold

Bev ElleBev Elle is the author of sweet and spicy contemporary romance, women’s fiction and historical paranormal romance. A love of books--many already written, and those she harbors in her very active imagination. Writing is a passion she’s had for many years, but was unable to act upon. Bev Elle is the mother of three human children and two canines. She is also the lover of one husband. When Bev isn’t writing in her spare time after work, she is thinking of doing so.

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Amanda Weaver
Like many writers, Amanda Weaver spent her childhood telling stories. College steered her in a different direction and into a successful career as a designer. Several years ago, she picked up writing again as a hobby, to blow off some creative steam. One thing led to another, National Novel Writing Month happened, and here we are.

Amanda Weaver grew up in Florida and now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, daughter and two crazy cats.

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