Author on Author Book Review ~ Resisting Her Rival By @SonyaWeiss

All’s fair in love and war… 

Abby Snyder finally has the opportunity to expand her diner now that the building next door is available. Unfortunately, she must compete with Nick Coleman to get it. Abby—usually über-responsible—shared one night of intense passion with the playboy, and she's been trying to forget it ever since. But then Nick bets her the building that he can make her fall in love with him in thirty days.

With his reputation ruining his chances at gaining some big clients, Nick needs a way to prove to everyone that he’s reformed. Dating Abby, the most respected girl in town—and the only one he wants—is the perfect solution. Nick’s confident he’ll get Abby to fall for him, so he’ll win the building and the girl he can't get out of his mind.

But even though Abby can’t lose, resisting Nick is harder than she thought.

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Imagine a heartbreak so horrible, you've sworn off love entirely. Imagine working your entire life to overcome the failures of your father. Abby and Nick are on the edge of falling in love with each other, but their painful pasts are holding them back. Enter a meddling grandfather, a clunker of a car, and a fight over real estate, and you've got one hell of a love story!

After reading the first book in the Stealing the Heart series, Stealing the Groom, I knew I had to read this story as well. Weiss has a way with creating characters you can relate to on several levels. I could understand Abby's reluctance to move forward with anything serious with Nick after all she experienced with her ex. I loved that Nick, even when he was a bad boy in High School, had a thing for Abby.

This story was a fantastic read with several twists and turns I never saw coming. The banter between Nick and Abby was priceless and I would love to see a bit more of their relationship after the events of this book. It looks as if their is a book 3 planned in this series to be released in 2015. I can't wait to catch up with Abby and Amelia and hopefully get a love story about little sister Ann.

Thanks so much to Sonya Weiss and Entangled Publishing for granting me a copy of Resisting Her Rival in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Sonya is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. Her published clips include feature newspaper articles, magazine articles, essays, children’s short stories and writing projects for business clients. She's also a columnist at Families Online Magazine.
Her fiction has won honorable mention in various contests and she was the first place winner of Harlequin’s ‘The Baseball Diamond’ writing contest.