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Macy Mercer only wants a little independence. Eager to prove herself grown up, she goes to a dark, secluded park. She's supposed to met the boy of her dreams who she met online. But the cute fifteen-year-old was a fantasy, his pictures fake. She finds herself face to face with Chester Woodran, a man capable of murder.

Distraught over his own missing daughter, Chester insists the Macy replace his lost girl. He withholds food, locks Macy up, and roughs her up demanding that she call him dad. Under duress from his constant threats and minds games, her hold on reality starts to slip. Clinging to her memories is the only way of holding onto her true identity, not believing that she is Chester's daughter. Otherwise she may never seen her family again.

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People deal with loss in so many different ways. Some turn to drugs or alcohol. Others seek restitution or revenge. Some become delusional and swim in the mire of denial. There are more than a few that continue to live in fear.

Gone has you living that fear right along with all the characters from the first word. Macy Mercer is a victim of circumstance by looking almost identical to the daughter of a madman. She lives in fear every day after she is taken from her family and forced to live the life of another lost girl named Heather. Her abductor, Chester, lives in fear of his actions and the world he is creating for himself and his new daughter. Macy's mother, Alyssa, fears her failure as a mother, while her husband Chad faces his fear of the husband and father he has become.

This novel gives the reader a glimpse into each character's mind, showing how they are dealing with the horrific actions they have all chosen to make. Claflin's words are hypnotic as she weaves the story of tragic fate. The story is broken up into scenes rather than chapters which made for a very fast read. As a YA Thriller, this story kept my adrenaline pumping and my heart aching for the destiny that awaits Macy Mercer.

Gone is part one of the series and I am anxious to find out what twists and turns Claflin has in store for part two, Held.

Thank you to Stacy Claflin for gifting me a copy of Gone in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author

Stacy loves writing, reading, and watching most anything paranormal. Her favorite shows includes Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon a Time.

She's been writing and telling stories for as long as she can remember. As a child, her story telling would get her into trouble when she would try to convince others that her stories were real.

When she's not busy writing, she spends time with her family. She also runs a home preschool and educates her children from home.

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