Sneak Peek Sunday ~ Out of the Dark by April Emerson

Out of the Dark by April Emerson 
Coming December 4th, 2014
from The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House

With college behind her, Carina Porter sits on an airplane dreaming of what’s in store when she lands in Italy. She’s resolved to experience an indulgent adventure, break away from her sensible nature, and take risks.

When handsome Stefan Savano sits beside her, those risks take on a whole new twist. He’s dashing and Carina is swept away in tales of his family and vineyard. When they land, the adventure she imagined becomes a chance to spend time with a man she just met. Carina falls hard, but soon learns not all is as it seems at Savano Vineyard.

When Carina meets Stefan’s nephew, Enzo, their undeniable attraction grows each day no matter how hard they fight it. As Carina learns what true love is, she has to choose between an unhappy existence and a life of passion. Her decision could do more than destroy a family—it could be fatal.

Out of the Dark by April Emerson

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He pulls a grape from the bunch, and his gaze is glued to mine. “Come here.”

I walk toward him. My will to do anything else is nonexistent. I stand just a breath away.

“Close your eyes,” he says.

My heart rate increases and beads of sweat begin to drip down my back—possibly from the sun, but most likely from Stefan—as I obey.

“Open your mouth.” He commands me, and with my eyes closed, his voice sounds so haunting, so suave.

Again, I do as he says. The flesh of the fruit is pressed against my lips, and he runs it around my mouth but doesn’t place it inside. Then, he removes it.

“Lick your lips.” I do as he says. The flavor is sharp and tart, but there’s a lingering sweetness. I say nothing, but with eyes closed, I await further instructions and am not disappointed. This time his voice is even closer, and I feel his hand on my hip. 

“Open again.” I part my lips, and the small fruit is placed inside. I let it roll around my tongue before puncturing its flesh, and the sweet, tart flavor overwhelms my taste buds. It’s heaven. As I chew and swallow the fruit, I’m aware of his hand on my body, and though my eyes are closed, I can feel his gaze all over me. His grip tightens momentarily, and he slides his hands up my back and into my hair.

“Open your eyes.” As soon as I do, he tugs my head back and touches his lips to mine, sharing in the sweet flavor of the grape. His kiss is slow at first, then our tongues touch, and I taste only him. I slide my arms around his shoulders and pull him into me. I want him to know that I want this. I want him. My neck sways to the side as he forces my mouth open further, and he lets out a moan. It’s a guttural sound filled with desire. His hand slides down my back, over the curve of my ass . . . He stops.

“Please,” I beg, but he shakes his head.

“I’m finding it very difficult to remain a gentleman around you.” 

I raise my eyebrow. “So, don’t.”

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