Tuesday Teaser ~ Holiday Cure for the Cursed

I'm participating in the inaugural week of Tuesdays Teasers sponsored by Sherri Hayes. The idea is to share a 100-word teaser from a current release or work in progress. This week, would like to share an excerpt with you from my adult holiday romance, Holiday Cure for the Cursed.


Daniel Digby is cursed by his good looks. After years of sexual harassment, Daniel has had enough of conniving and controlling women. He is starting a new job and moving to a new apartment with the hope of a less sexually charged environment. On the advice of his best friend, he believes his best chance to avoid any workplace entanglements is to wear a wedding ring.

CiCi Newport is cursed by her family’s money. Since the death of her father, his money has influenced every facet of her life. She has never known a man who was more interested in her than in her bank account. When she takes a new direction in her career, her “no dating” rule is firmly in place.

A chance meeting at CiCi’s favorite coffee spot has both of them rethinking their romantic agendas.

Circumstances have Daniel and CiCi entwined for the holidays. Can they break each other’s curse and finally find the cure they’ve been searching for?

100 Words 

She couldn’t help but look at the noticeable bulge in his jeans. A little moan left her. The thought of anything bigger than the five inchers she’d experienced in the past got her a little wet.

Daniel set the box on the bedside table before he sat next to her on the bed. “It is something I’m kind of self-conscious about, hence this conversation.”

CiCi tried not to laugh at his obvious discomfort. “You think I might not be satisfied because you’re too big?”

“Um . . .” He squeezed his eyes shut tight and scratched at his forehead. “It usually goes one of two ways."

To find out which ways it does go, purchase Holiday Cure for the Cursed today!

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