Gray Matters Episode 1 Wrap Up

I hope you had a chance to listen to the very first episode of my new show on the TMV Cafe, Gray Matters. Here are a few things I talked about and some links and videos for your reference.


I recounted the top 10 box office hits of the holiday weekend. Not a big surprise that X-Men: Days of Future Past came in number 1 with a $110.5 million total for 4 days domestically.


The fall television line up has just recently been announced. A lot of things got cancelled, but there are a few new gems that give me hope to make it to a second season.


Depending on which list you look at, both Unlucky 13 by James Patterson and Maxine Patreo and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green were in the number 1 spot for best sellers. All of John Green's novels should be best sellers, but this 2012 release is now a movie debuting at a theater near you on June 6th.


Talking about John Green led me to talking about the outstanding channels he and his brother, Hank, have created on YouTube. They entertain, teach, and inspire their viewers every week. Here is just a sampling of their shows.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries


Mental Floss

Crash Course

Emma Approved

Welcome to Sanditon


I am a sucker for a good cupcake. I was over the moon for these. They have my favorite Mexican import in them, Tequila. 

Tempting Tuesdays


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