New Release ~ "Hello LAlaland" by @MadiMerek


Hello LAlaland release day has ar-rived!

Paparazzi, vodka cocktails, and sex. Welcome to LAlaland.

Winifred Chapman isn’t thrilled with the idea of her ten year reunion; especially not the idea of returning to LAlaland. Even in the midst of her thrilling career, she’s managed to avoid LA as often as possible, which is saying a lot for a world-renowned fashion designer. She has a life which women everywhere would envy, and has everything she needs . . . or so she thinks.

Anthony Ricci was the most popular guy at Westlake High, and the one Winifred thought would never look twice at her. A former professional athlete, he now runs a successful Italian restau-rant in New York City. When they run into each other at the reunion and give in to a widely pas-sionate night, Anthony decides he may want more than Winifred is willing to give.

Hating being known by the men she’s dated or slept with, Winifred has learned to take what she needs from them without investing emotionally. When she discovers Anthony’s old desire for her and disappears after their night together, he refuses to give her up.

Will he be able to show her that love doesn’t have to be a battle, or will LAlaland prove to be enough to destroy her carefully constructed walls?

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Rave Review for Hello LAlaland: "...deserves ten damn stars, not five." - Cecily's Book Review   ... You are an awesome writer and this book freaking kicks ass. I am now officially in love with Tony and his sexy ass.Again thank you so very much!! I loved this book. I couldn't put this book down I had to finish it right away. The writing was amazing. The story line is brilliant, sexy, romantic, wonderful, and amazing. I loved all the char-acters. Winifred is a strong, amazing, successful woman. She is head strong and knows exactly what she needs and doesn't need in her life. I admire this character very much. She will not let any man break her heart or it come close to breaking her. Anthony is so...ummmm yummy! I could read about him all day long. He is strong, sexy, hot, manly, and successful too. He wears his heart on his sleeve for the woman that he loves. Tony is my new book boyfriend. The history that the two of them have is crazy, sad, and makes me want to shake them both. Then I want to smile like a kid eating an ice cream cone for the first time. Yes this story is that damn good. I honestly could read this book over and over again. I love how I got sucked into this story. I am so digging the ending of this book and I can't wait for book 2. Congrats on writing this freaking amazing story!!!! All I can say is that I am so glad that I got the chance to read this book and I am looking forward to reading so much more.