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Writer’s write, that’s what we do. Find out why and how in this new Blog Hop for 2014:

Thanks so much to Sandi Layne for tagging me for this blog hop. If you love Vikings, Sandi has a series that is right up your alley. Check out her Éire’s Viking Trilogy.

This is giving me the chance to let you in on something I've been keeping under wraps for a while. I'm nervous about revealing it because this story has such great potential and is very different from the Contemporary Romance stories I've written so far. So, I will answer four questions about my work in progress.

1) What am I working on right now?

*drum roll*

I am working on the first book in a possible three book series. This series is about those girls who were shy and smart, who were teased or bullied for being different. It's about being labeled and ostracized by young, thoughtless peers. Those girls are now women, out on their own trying to make their mark on the world. They are embracing who they were and who they are now. They have taken the label placed on them and now wear it with pride. They are the women of the Nerdy Girl Nation.

Book One of the Nerdy Girl series is Nerdy Girl Nation, or NGN for short. This summary is also a work in progress, but it will give you a little glimpse of what the story is about.

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Who knew the girl voted most likely to develop her own comic book series while living in her parent's basement would end up becoming a reality television star? Not Emma MacLean.

Emma tried to leave the nerdy girl behind as the right hand woman to billionaire Terrance Hunt on the hit television show Hunt for Life. When double tragedies occur on the same day, Emma is out of a job, but the cameras and the nation of fans continue to follow her.

Rob "Bobby" Breyer has lived on the professional wrestling circuit for the past five years. Rob has become a devoted Hunt for Life fan due to a chance meeting with Emma while in high school. When she walks into the facility where he's training, she takes his breath away.

After twelve years, the attraction is still there and this time, Rob's not letting Emma get away. As the cameras roll, Emma's new career and Rob's quest for glory are in the spotlight. When the heat is on, they'll need all the support they can get from the Nerdy Girl Nation.
Emma MacLean from Nerdy Girl Nation
Rob "Bobby" Breyer from Nerdy Girl Nation

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2) How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I see this story as a Contemporary Romance with spunk. For a person who is constantly in the spotlight, Emma is a very private person. She has kept a lot to herself over the years including her spunky personality, quick wit, and passion. I've never written a character like her before and I've never read one either. I'm excited to see where we can take this story together.

3) Why do I write what I do?

That is something I have to ask myself often. I never saw myself as a storyteller growing up. When I started writing stories, it was initially for a school journal. I thought my day-to-day life was pretty boring, so I asked a teacher if I could write something else. He agreed. Then I began writing stories outside of the journal and I found that I really like coming up with characters and interesting stories for them to live through.

I write Paranormal Romance because I love creating my own other worldly creatures. I write Contemporary Romance because I love the process of falling in love and staying in love. I try to do something different for every couple I write. Lily and Ryan from my Redemption Series are a vampire and an angel of death. Becca and Abe from the same series are a Nephilim and a creature I created called a Shadow Walker. In Fireworks, Sam is a hospital administrator and Sophie is a nurse. In Not the Same Season, Mitch is a restaurant owner and chef while Hannah owns and operates a Christmas tree farm. Now in Nerdy Girl Nation, Emma holds an MBA and is a reality television star after working with a successful venture capitalist. Rob is a second generation wrestler on an international wrestling circuit. Interesting people with different jobs that come from varying walks of life all have their place in one of my stories.

4) How does my writing process work?

Typically, I don't have a process. I write when I can when the ideas are flowing. I don't like to sit at the computer for hours typing then deleting half of it because it doesn't work. Before I sit to type, I have the scene mapped out in my mind, sometimes having thought about it for weeks ahead of time. That way, when it does finally get from my mind to the computer, it isn't a mess and doesn't take several hours to write two pages.

If you would like to follow along with me as I write Nerdy Girl Nation, you can follow two of my Pinterest Boards, Inspiration and Talk Nerdy to Me.

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Brooke Williams is an award winning author and freelance writer. She has written hundreds of articles as well as several novels including “Someone Always Loved You.” Her latest, "Wrong Place, Right Time" will be released in December 2014 from the Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House Time. Brooke has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morningside College with a double major in Mass Communications and Religious Studies. She has 12 years of experience in radio broadcasting both behind the scenes and on air. She was also a TV traffic reporter for a brief time. Brooke and her husband Sean married in 2002 and have two daughters, Kaelyn and Sadie.

Kathleen Martin’s first novel, “Penny Maybe” was published  in Canada by Second Story Press, and  later translated and published in German by Auf Bau Verlag, Berlin, Germany.  It was later optioned for film development with Fieber Films, Germany.

Her second novel, “The Halleluiah Baby,” was published in the United States by Renaissance Romance Publishing in December of 2013.

Her teleplay “I’ll Never Get To Heaven” was produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and nominated for Best Writing in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series in the 1994 Prix Gemini Awards, Toronto, Ontario.   It also won the Best Screenwriting Award from the Film Council of Greater Columbus, Columbus, Ohio. 

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and a herd of little dogs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kathleen-Martin-Author/216453405059269

Mary Judith Conklin has written for five newspapers including the old Peekskill Herald in NY, worked as a deejay for two stations here in Danville, VA, WDVA and WILA, and had two previous books published, The Christmas Legacy at Whitewing Press back in 2006, and had an e-book, The Emperor of Jan's Kill, published at Ocean's Mist Press under a pseudonym, Gillian Kiernan. She also worked as a book editor for Ocean Mist Press and Crying Rock Publications in Ossining, NY.
She graduated from Westchester Community College with Honors in Communications and Media Arts in December of 1994, where she received Honors in English--Art of the Novel, and from Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Farmington, in May of 1991. She also attended Marymount College and graduated from The Berkeley School. Her late husband Kenny and only child, Thomas, are up in Heaven. Mary resides in Danville, VA, with her boyfriend of 22 years, Jessie.