Compilation of February Photo a Day Challenge

At the beginning of February, I found FatMumSlim's blog. They host this photo a day contest for anyone to participate in. I looked it over and thought it might be fun. As the month progressed, I opened my mind to all the different things I could include. There were several little moments I might have missed out on commermorating if not for this contest. (Day 16 & 22 are my favorites) These are all my photos for February that I have posted on my Tumblr. You can follow me everyday there or I will do a wrap up at the end of each month here on my blog. I'm ready for March.

Day 1 - You.
This is me wrapped up getting ready for a snowball fight.

Day 2 - Favorite
I love to bake and have many favorites. Most of them contain chocolate and peanut butter, like these cookies. PS these are even gluten free.

Day 3 - Orange
I am making lots of things out of paracord lately. Many of them contain this lovely orange. I have hundreds of feet of it.

 Day 4 - Childhood
When I was growing up, I hated Barbies. I was more Star Wars figures and Legos. I love that I can play with Legos again with my son. This is part of a set from the new Lego Movie line.

Day 5 - Square
What is better than cheese crackers and soup on a cold day? Not much.

Day 6 - C is for...
Chicken and Corn!

Day 7 - Utensil
Power of the Pen

Day 8 - Water

Day 9 - Details

Day 10 - I am…
Beautiful. I’ve always been told what a nice smile I have. It’s simple and laid back, just like me.

Day 11 - Mistake
I knew it would look bad but I gave it a try anyway. 

Day 12 - Out & About
My daughter loves snow angel time

Day 13 - Perfect
A warm and colorful pair of socks for my tired feet. 

Day 14 - Heart
Hubby is up and off to work before me and the kiddos get up. It was so nice seeing this on the kitchen counter when I woke up this morning!

Day 15 - Drink of choice
Cherry Coke with actual cherries. Might be adding some Rum before the night is done. 

Day 16 - Create
Two of my best creations.

 Day 17 - Vegetables
My favorite sweet red peppers

Day 18 - Magic
My design magic made some hearts.

 Day 19 - Feet
Little boy feet

Day 20 - Peace
My daughter’s artistic exploration

Day 21 - Funny
Minion Madness

Day 22 - Act of Kindness
Our dog knew my daughter needed a cuddle while she’s feeling so sick. 

Day 23 - This is where I relax

Day 24 - Half
Half of my yummy gluten free waffle. I don’t like syrup, so I smothered it in peanut butter.

Day 25 - Cut
Tracks cut through the fresh fallen snow. 

Day 26 - Light
I look a little scary in this light. 

Day 27 - My View Today
My beautiful tree in my front yard.

Day 28 - Reflection
Niece: “Why is he a sad clown?”
Son: “Because he’s not happy.”
Out of the mouths of babes.

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