Feeding My Kindle ~ December 2nd, 2013

While my Kindle got fed this week, my NaNo project didn't. While I did make a dent in the total word count, I fell short of my 50k word goal. On the upside, I did add more than 10k words to two other stories. Yeah me! I am also dripping in the holiday spirit. The holiday movies and books are plentiful this season and I'm right there eating it all up! Both of my holiday novellas are up on Goodreads. Not the Same Season was released November 19th and is going on tour starting December 9th. If you would like to be part of the tour with your blog, send me an email and I will set you up. Holiday Cure for the Cursed is being released on December 17th as part of the Melting the Snow Anthology with Frozen Moments by Michele Richard. I will also be doing two giveaways this month so be sure to like my Facebook page to receive all the details.

On with the books!

Grave Situation Let's start with a murder mystery thriller. In Grave Situaation, cop Allan is trying to regain all he has lost. His wife left him with their son and has started a new life in a new town. He can't give up the job though. When he gets a new case, a murdered security guard, things just don't add up. The killer covers his tracks, but with Allan on the case, he won't be able to hide forever.

His Perfect Bride

In The Perfect Bride, new Marquis of Stonemede, Richard, knows his duty is to find a bride. His only requirements are they she be obedient and calm-spirited, things that Lady Brianna does not possess. Brianna doesn't want a man with a title. She longs for a simple life of simple pleasures. So why would Richard pretend to be the man she wants when she is not the woman he desires, or is she?

Feather LightA review coming on December 5th, Feather Light introduces us to the world of Parker, a blind massage therapist. When he takes on Kelly, Hollywood's It-girl, as a new client, things take an unusual turn. Kelly hides her identity from Parker as every touch makes her want to confess who she truly is.

Silent Night, Unexpected Night
Since his divorce, Tanner has always spent Christmas Eve alone. His own special tradition is interrupted, when his son's beautiful friend, Sofia, unexpectedly shows up at his door. All grown up, Sofia lights Tanner's desire and his want to spend the evening alone is thrown out the window.

Mr. 365 From the author of Animate Me, Ruth Clampett, a new holiday story is born. Reality show producer, Sophia, has her preconceived notions about Will, the holiday fanatic she is urged to get on her show. The moment she lays eyes on the handsome and mysterious man, he captures her attention. Will's attraction is instant and he sets out to win her heart. With the production, promises, and truth of reality television things begin to unravel fast. Will might just have a trick up his sleeve to bring the holiday spirit 365 days a year.

Christmas on Main StreetChristmas on Main Street is a collection of 11 holiday stories. There is Santa, cheating fianc├ęs, cowboys, reformed jewel thieves, models, childhood delemias, ancient artifacts, a baby, a matchmaker, a snowstorm, and even a proposal sprinkled throughout these stories of the holiday season. This collection is only $.99 for a limited time on Amazon.

Happy Holiday reading!