Feeding My Kindle ~ November 25th, 2013

I was super busy last week. I released my novella, Not the Same Season, on November 19th. On the 20th, we had the cover reveal for the anthology, Melting the Snow, which includes my story, Holiday Cure for the Cursed, and Michele Richard's Frozen Moments. Click on all the covers below to add them on Goodreads.

Not the Same SeasonMelting the Snow

Now on with the books!

Feather Light Dropping in December 5th for a review on an author promo tour is this gem. Parker is a massage therapist with an acute sense of touch possibly due to the loss of his sight. Kelly is the Hollywood actress who needs peace at any price. Just one touch has them drawn to each other in more ways than one.
Love Gone Mad

Heart surgeon Adrian is drifting through life after his divorce. A strange encounter with a strange man in a bar then the bar being pelted with bullets puts him on edge. He meets nurse Megan in the hospital cafeteria the next day and is instantly smitten. Megan is wary with an young daughter and an abusive ex to worry about.

The Holiday Bride (Holiday Brides #2)

The second story in the series centers around Lucy, a waitress with a work-a-holic fiance, Mitch. One a cold Christmas Eve, Lucy agrees to deliver some packages so Mitch can be home for Christmas. On her way, she falls and hits her head. She wakes up the next morning on William's couch, yet William didn't put her there and she can't remember who she is. William's daughter believes Lucy is the mother she had asked Santa for and is instantly attached to her. William can't deny the attraction, but hasn't attempted a relationship since his wife's death three years earlier.

Unexpected Gifts (Castle Mountain Lodge, #1) Andi runs away for the holiday to a remote lodge in the Canadian Rockies. A mix-up has her sharing the lodge with sexy Colin. Colin is determined to enjoy the holiday Andi is escaping from. He attempts to get her heart to the spirit of the season and maybe even love.

The Bride Wore Blue (The Brides of Bath #1)Thomas never forgot the woman who saved his life. When he finds Felicity six years later a widow with her family suffering financially, he is determined to win her affections and help any way he can. He approaches Felicity, but she doesn't remember him. He asks her to help launch his younger sister into society since they are new money and have no titles. Thomas sets out to make the young widow bloom and bring peace to their families together.

A Family Affair Christine is heartbroken when her father dies in a car accident. After the reading of his will, she learns he has left a third of his estate to a woman she has never heard of. She travels to her father's monthly retreat in the Catskills and finds her father's mistress and her son. Neither are the woman mentioned in her father's will. She soon finds her half sister is her father's other heir. For four days a month, her father lived another life away from their Chicago home. To deal with the fallout, she forms a relationship with her father's other family and the town he loved.

Take a Breath (Take, #1)Ann has dealt with men floating through her mother's life since she was a child. Now at 22, she has her criminal justice degree and a new job. Problem is that she will be working for her mother's husband, Jake, whom she has harbored a secret crush on. When her mother takes off and leaves Jake and his sixteen-year-old son, Ann and Jake can't deny their chemistry anymore. But there is a serial killer on the loose and he seems to have an obsession with Ann. Jake does his best to protect her, but will it be enough?

A little bit of everything these last two weeks. I've recently read Because this is Forever by Lena Hart, Plus One by Brighton Walsh, Kissing the Maid of Honor and Her Accidental Boyfriend by Robin Bielman, Betting on You by Jessie Evans, The Holiday Bride by Ginny Baird, Love Gone Mad by Mark Rubinstein, A Family Affair by Mary Campisi, and Christmas Kismet by Jemma Grey.

Happy Holidays to all my friends in the states. Enjoy the turkey. I know I will!