Feeding My Kindle ~ November 11th, 2013

Busy week! NaNo is slow going. I'm not sure I will reach my goal, but I hope to make a big dent. Now on with the books.

Disclosure of the Heart (Beside Your Heart, #2) Sequel to "Beside Your Heart", Nicki and Adam are all grown up and working in the White House. She's the deputy press secretary and he's a BBC corespondent. The feeling are still there, but there is more at stake this time . . . like her boyfriend and the fate of a new presidency.

Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Bastard, #2)Book #2 in the BB series gives us a glimpse of Chloe's bff, Sara, and Bennett's college flatmate, Max. Now in NYC, Sara is starting a new position with Ryan Media Group when she meets a beautiful British stranger at a club. After a fiery first meeting, Max can't get the girl out of his head. Once Max realizes their connection, he will stop at nothing to have her again. Sara can't think of getting involved, so they set up an arrangement. Nothing like that ever goes as planned, but it is a great journey to get there.

Return to Audubon Springs (Brothers of Audubon Springs) Emma is caught off guard by her father's will when she returns home with hopes to claim the family beach house. Her former boyfriend, Rafe, is living in the house. He wants to prove to Emma's wealthy family he is worthy of her. When he finds out that Emma has kept his daughter from him, he will stop at nothing to keep his family and their home.

Masquerade (Heven and Hell, #1)A reverse Beauty and the Beast scenario. Heven was a great beauty before she was attacked and her face was left scarred. When handsome Sam starts at the same high school and is drawn to Heven, she can't understand why.

Plus One
Olivia needs a date to several weddings. She asks her best friend, Ian, to fill in for her non-exsistent boyfriend. When wedding #1 has Olivia looking good enough to eat, Ian's boyhood crush comes front and center. Things quickly turn into physical no-strings, but when Olivia and Ian have known each other their whole lives, things are bound to change.

Her Accidental Boyfriend (Secret Wishes, #2)Kagan has left her life in NYC and let a little lie slip. Now the town flirt, Shane, is her pretend boyfriend. With Shane's personality, it is hard to determine where their arrangement begins and ends. 

A heavy reading and writing week. I revealed my cover for "Not the Same Season", available 11/19. I got the first few chapters of my NaNo project under my belt. I read "Beautiful Stranger" by Christina Lauren, "Disclosure of the Heart" by Mary Whitney, "If the Shoe Fits" by Laurie LeClair, and reviewed "Honour" by M. B. Feeney. Upcoming this Friday is a review for "Because this is Forever" by Lena Hart plus working on some fun marketing ideas for the holiday season. Stay tuned for details on my December to Remember giveaway starting December 9th!

Happy Reading!