Feeding My Kindle ~ October 7th, 2013

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I'm in the midst of final edits for two short stories that will be released in November and December. I've acquired several yummy stories to fill the belly of the beast.

Don't Bite the Bridesmaid (Sons of Kane #1)Alice needs a date to her sister's wedding. Her pathetic ex is the best man and she wants to show him what he has lost. When her hunky next door neighbor, Noah, needs to get out of town for a couple of days it looks like the perfect solution. A seven day wedding cruise extravaganza has Alice and Noah finding out more about each other than they bargained for.
Nothing Short of a Miracle
Gabrielle's life was turned upside down when her sister and brother-in-law died in a car accident and left her their three month old daughter. In order to pay all her legal fees to adopt baby Nina, Gabrielle takes a job as a live in home health aide. Turns out Gabrielle's patient is the mother of the man who rear ended her a few days earlier. Chad thinks she's there to get more money out of him, but can't fight the attraction that is slowly telling him otherwise.

Mine 'Til MondayWhen Dorothy needs a man to impress her new boss, she thinks childhood friend, Mud, is the man for the job. What she doesn't expect is that while pretending, long held passions resurface and cause her to rethink her original plans.

My Mr. MannyMia's life hasn't been easy. As a young mother struggling to get an education, she needs help. Her cousin rescues her by hiring her a male nanny. Dominic has left his life on Wall Street for the California shores as Mia's new nanny. Mia and Dominic have longed for a real family and wonder if their trio was meant to be.

Truth (Finding Anna, #3)Book 3 in the Finding Anna series finds Anna struggling with the reemergence of the father she thought had sold her into sexual slavery. When he insists that was not the case, she is unsure what she should do. One thing is for sure, she loves her master, Stephen, and will not leave him willingly and he can't let her go.
Remember Our Song

Beatrice is the love of Jeremy's life. When the billionaire and his wife sneak off for a private vacation, things don't go as planned when the crash their helicopter. When Bea wakes up after weeks in a coma, she can't remember even meeting Jeremy let alone marrying him. He is the epitome of everything she never wanted in a man, but can't help the attraction she feels. All Jeremy wants is his wife back, billions be damned.
Ink,Red,Dead (Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft Mystery, #3)
When scrapbooker Kiki visits her cat hoarder client, she find a body in a freezer. She refuses to believe her client is the murderer and sets out to put the record straight.

The Blind Date

Ryan and Shawna's love at first sight meeting went awry when Ryan came clean that he wasn't a free man. The deception drove Shawna away. Years later, the two are set up on a blind date by her sister and brother-in-law. Shawna agrees to finish the date thinking nothing will come of it, but old feelings and Ryan's charms change things once again.

Look for upcoming reviews of "Truth" and "My Mr. Manny". I've read "Don't Bite the Bridesmaid", "Remember Our Song", "The Ghost and The Knight", "Nothing Short of a Miracle", and I'm working on "Truth". Make sure to keep updated on my new projects through Facebook and Twitter. Remember to check out my Tempting Tuesdays recipe posts every Tuesday over at the Author to Author Blog. This week's recipe is a twist on a holiday favorite.