Feeding My Kindle ~ September 23rd, 2013

Just six tasty tales this week to devour, but what yummy tales they were.

The Reluctant BacheloretteTaycee is nervous when she is cast as the main attraction in the local version of "The Bachelorette". She wants out even more when she finds out her childhood crush, Luke, is set to be one of the bachelors. The choice is up to the viewers and they all LOVE Luke. Since she doesn't want her heart broken again, she devises a plan to make him look bad. When Luke finds out, he plots his revenge.

The UnionIdaho 1892 is the setting for this historical romance. After killing an Irish thug, PI John Dietz goes undercover and assumes his identity. That includes becoming a fiancee of Keely Byrne. Keely had fallen in love with her Irishman through the course of several letters. John has his hands full as he too falls for Keely and puts her in danger.

Cupcakes Aren't Just for Eating (The Trixie Pristine series)This is the third book in the Trixie Pristine series. The bad guy from book two is back again and is threatening all the lives of the people around Trixie. Plus her boyfriend has moved away, one of her best friends is getting married, and she is finishing up her community service for stealing money from the local evidence locker. Oh and a customer from her new store, Read Wine, dies after eating a cupcake she served him. Trixie will be a busy gal digging herself out of trouble this time.

More Than MemoriesMolly returns to the hometown she can't remember in hopes that something will jog her memory. Enter police officer Trent. He sparks some recognition deep inside Molly, but he has secrets of his own to deal with. As she meets old friends and hears stories of her past, she realizes how much Trent must of meant to her. How could she forget him? She wonders if she can uncover her memories and solve the mystery of her parents' deaths.

Rapture (Fallen, #4)This is the fourth book in the popular "Fallen" series. Time is running out for Luce and Daniel. Lucifer and his minions will arrive on earth in just nine days. Luce, Daniel, and the gang have to find some relics and break their curse before then or Luce will perish once and for all.

A Life Less LonelyTwo doctors are thrown into a high profile drug trial. Andrea is still morning the loss of her husband who died while serving his country. Keir is reeling from a broken marriage. Juggling her high demanding jobs and her four-year-old son, Andrea is sure there is no time for a second chance at romance. One joint trip changes all the rules and might just bring to life what Keir and Andrea have been missing.

That is all for this week. I was a bit slow on the reading and the writing front since the week was so busy otherwise. I read "Cupcakes Aren't Just for Eating" by Liana Turner, "Surrender" by Lisa Plumley, and I'm still working on "Rapture" by Lauren Kate. Don't forget to check out the giveaways I have posted this last week. Sydney Logan's 2,000 Likes giveaway has tons of books and swag. Also, my Author to Author group is doing a Fall Into Reading Giveaway with a $25 gift card up for grabs. Both of those giveaways are listed in my recent posts.

Have a great week and happy reading!