Feeding My Kindle ~ September 16th, 2013

I've been busy writing more than I have reading these last few weeks so I didn't pick up as many books as I would have liked. I'm anxious to get started on the gems I did find.

The Inconvenient Duchess (The Radwells #1)
After losing his wife and child in childbirth ten years before, Marcus never wants to marry again. When Miranda ends up on his doorstep during a storm, he has no choice but take her in. Upon discovery of his late mother's arrangement with the young lady, Marcus is forced to marry her. Miranda takes on her new role as Duchcess while Marcus aways to London to find out Miranda's secrets.

The Ghost and the Graveyard (Knight Games, #1)When Grateful moves into a rent-free house at the edge of a graveyard, she never expects to fall for the cemetery caretaker, Rick. Rick believes her house is haunted and he might just be right. Logan is a sexy ghost with a dark secret and a warning about Rick.

Better Off Dead In Deadwood (Deadwood Mystery # 4)This is the 4th in the Deadwood Mystery series. I actually read the 3rd first, but didn't feel lost at all so I decided I might give this one a try. This time Violet Parker is dealing with a dead body, an opera house, a zombie musical, and a pissed-off detective. Sounds like a good time to me.

The Sholes KeyMI5 analyst, Sophia Evans, gets a mysterious envelope that contains a picture of one of several missing single mothers in London. The daunting code included with the picture sends Sophie and the police on the hunt for a serial killer with a specific prey.

The Executive's Decision (Keller Family, #1)Regan fell in love with her last boss and he almost killed her. She vows to never fall for a superior again, but has a hard time keeping her vow when she goes to work for handsome Zach. Zach has never been in love, but falls hard for Regan and has no qualms about a romance in the workplace. When Regan's past threatens the biggest deal Zach's company has ever entertained, who will he choose?

A Second Chance (Keller Family, #2)This is the follow up to The Executive's Decision which follows Regan's brother, Carlos. Carlos doesn't know where his marriage to Maddie went wrong, but after being divorced for five years, he is finally moving on with Kathy. Maddie can't believe she divorced Carlos then married his best friend, Matt. Maddie can't imagine her life getting any worse when Matt serves her with divorce papers, but the next day she finds out she has breast cancer. When Carlos finds out, will he be able to stay away for the sake of his new relationship or will he stand by the woman he's loved since he was fifteen?

Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides #1)This one has been on my TBR list for awhile since I read Catherine Bybee's "Not Quite Mine". Duke Blake Harrington needs a wife to fulfill the terms of his father's will. He hires Samantha Elliot, matchmaker for the rich and famous, to help him out of his delema. When her canidates don't peek his interests, Blake offers Sam two million dollars and lifetime payment for her younger sister's medical care, Sam can hardly say no. When their marriage takes a tumble into the physical, both find themselves falling hard and fast.

Heir Untamed (Latvala Royals, #1)Photographer Chey Sinclair accepts a rare opportunity to travel abroad and photograph Latvala Royalty. She is instantly attracted to Mattias, second in line to the throne. But when out for a ride on one of the many horses available, she has a scuffle with the ruggedly handsome head of security, Sander. A prince, a rogue, and a royal mystery keep Chey busy and change her life forever.

The Marriage Bargain (Billionaire Games #1)When Camille refuses to go undercover for her newspaper and write a tell-all book on French playboy, Julian, she's fired. No job has her entertaining Julian's original proposal, a six month contract as Julian's wife.

A Million Dirty Secrets (Million Dollar Duet, #1)Last, but not least, the newest erotic sensation to hit the shelves, "A Million Dirty Little Secrets". Lanie needs money to pay for her mother's heart transplant and is desperate to save the woman she loves most in the world. She auctions her virginity and herself off for two years of sexual servitude to the highest bidder. Noah pays two million dollars for the beauty to have at his side in public and whatever he wants in private. With Lanie's strong will and Noah's desire to test all of her boundaries, it is bound to be one hell of a ride.

Ten gems over the last two weeks! I've read "Grayson Manor Haunting", "Maid for the Billionaire", "The Journey to a New Life", "The Inconvenient Duchess", "The Executive's Decision", "A Second Chance", "A Tycoon's Revenge", "Wife by Wednesday" and "A Million Dirty Secrets" in two weeks. Wow, I didn't realize I'd read that much while I've been writing two new stories of my own. I've passed 100 books read for 2013! I'm working on some really great things in October, so keep checking back for contests and announcements coming in the next couple of weeks.