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A forced groom.
A switched bride.
And a lot of lies.


Lord Gillian Tremayne has everything. Society embraces him. Women love him. Men emulate him. He's rich. Intelligent. Eligible. Tall. Incredibly handsome. Charming. And trapped. There's nothing worse than marriage to Helen Bingham - a blackmailing, evil-spirited woman with a soiled reputation...

Except the woman behind the wedding veil.


Helene Bingham's had more than enough trouble in her short life. And nobody's ever around to help. That's why she invented Brandy - the wench of loose morals, sharp tongue, and fast reflexes. Brandy finds it a grand jest to stand in for her cousin at the wedding, and there's a bonus: It saves Helene, too.

At least, until her groom finds out...


Helene's quick, but even she has trouble keeping up with her new husband. He's the only one she can't fool. He's got wit to go with his handsome face, honor to match his words, kisses that seduce, and sensual skills...

Oh my!

Where is Brandy when she needs her?

My take so far

This one is listed as 342 pages and I'm 82% done at this point. It is broken up into several different parts and I'm in the middle of chapter 7 of the third part.

In the last year, I have really given historical romance a real chance. I love the view of Gillian's chest on the cover, so I thought I would give it a whirl. It is set in the early 1800's in England and France at the beginning of Napoleon's rule. Gillian is of British Aristocracy while Helene is a descendant from both a French and British line. It is more than a little bit crazy at times with the huge personalities of Gillian and Helene, but when Helene portrays Brandy, a sharp tongued wench, things are even more enthralling. Helene has spent her life since her parents deaths protecting herself with her gift of mimicry, the ability to imitate any voice she hears. Pretending to be Brandy and using her voice protected her for years even in a sanatorium. When Gillian makes her his bride by accident, she finds the man she had been waiting for. At the point I'm at now, the pair are faced with a life or death situation so I'm going to get back to reading with the hope it all turns out for the best.

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  1. I'm not sure I'm following, which is probably a good thing because I haven't read this quite yet. What is the relationship between Helen and Brandy?

    1. Helene's parents were beheaded when she was very young. Her nanny hid her from the French government in order to save her life. Her nanny became a prostitute to support the two of them. To protect herself and her virtue, Helene pretended to be a poor French girl named Brandy. She used her gift as a mimic to portray the voice characteristics of one of the lower class. As a teen, her nanny sent her back to England to her father's brother. After her male cousin tries to rape her and she stabs him with a sword, her uncle sends her to a sanatorium. She pretends to be Brandy and won't bathe or keep up with her personal hygiene to keep herself from being raped. All this happens before the beginning of the story and I was confused until I figured it all out.

  2. Reviews always make historical romance seem so tempting. I may have to give it a try one day.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It ended up being a really good story. I would give it four stars.

  3. Sounds like a pretty convoluted plot...

  4. This sounds interesting. I wonder how she manages to fool everyone with Brandy, it seems complicated.


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