Indie Block Party ~ Social Media Tips

Social Media. Oh, how it makes me tear my hair out at times. There are so many tips and insider information out there. Some things work, some don't. It's hard to weed out the good from the bad at times. All I can tell you are the things that seem to work well for the majority of people who try them.


To say what you need to say in only 140 characters can be daunting. Let's break it down with the anatomy of a tweet.

So now you know what makes up your tweet. Here's some info on how to get more clicks on Twitter from The Wall.


There is something new going on with Facebook everyday. Sometimes it is very hard to keep up. I found this infographic on Branding Personality to spice up your fanpage.

Now, I am one who likes to tick off the boxes. This is when this checklist from Socially Stacked comes in handy.

Hope these help you all a little bit on the highway of Social Media madness.

This post closes my Indie Block Party posts. I had so much fun these past two weeks. I hope to participate in more "parties" in the future to bring you all some interesting and helpful content. Thanks for reading!


  1. Ok, scratch my infographic comment from the other post, it belongs here. Thanks for sharing these! I love the data on the tweet targeting, very interesting.


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