Feeding My Kindle ~ August 26th, 2013

This week I didn't really go trolling for anything specific, but I did pick up a few yummy morsels.

Lost Claus
Since I've been writing my own Christmas story, this one caught my eye. Santa is missing and it is up to PI Nick Flebber to find him. Nick sets off to the North Pole to pick up Santa's trail and hopefully get him home for Christmas.

Just a Little Crush (Just a Little #1)A school project has 17 year old Julie shadowing the hot and young police officer, Luke. Oh, to be young with a crush on a not-so-much-older man.

Take Care, Sara When feeling a need for a good cry and angst, I pick up something like this. Sara's life is falling apart after the death of her husband. With the help of her husband's brother, Lincoln, she tries to pick the pieces of her life up and put them back together.

The Gingerbread Man
This one was published in 2001 and there might even be a movie based on it, I think. Holly thinks some recent murders are connected to her sister's death years before. Detective Vincent O'Mally comes to help Holly unlock the clues hidden in her mind.
Long Time Coming

This is one of those second chance stories I love. Veterinarian Joy comes home to care for her father and finds the man responsible for her best friend's accident, her BFF's then boyfriend. New threats arise and Joy is drawn to the man as she fears for her life.
Brandywine (The Brocade #1)

This one is a bit of a head twister. Lord Gillian Tremayne is blackmailed into marriage, but when he lifts his wife's veil as they are traveling home, he finds his intended's crazy, unkempt cousin. Helene has spent years portraying crazy Brandy to protect her virture, but when Gillian cleans her up and helps her heal the real Helene finally creeps out of the shadows.
Hot Property

In this Irish Romantic Comedy, Megan inherits her uncle's house on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. It needs more than a little TLC and she struggles to decide on whether she should just sell it. Then an old family scandal comes to light while she starts a budding romance, her priorities start changing.
A Hunka Hunka Nursing Love (Women's Fiction)

This one has a concept I just couldn't pass on. Valerie opens Home Health Hunks staffed with only hot male nurses in order to keep her elderly mother safe. She doesn't plan on lusting after one of her new employees, but Keith is just too yummy to pass up.

Wow, 8 titles I can't wait to dig into. It was a really busy week. Check out all my Indie Block Party posts for character interviews, author interview, a look at my WIP, and a little intro about me. I also reviewed "Are You Mine?" by NK Smith and revealed a cover for "Under the Bed Across the World" by Rose Candis. I will be posting 4 more posts this week for the Indie Block Party, a couple of posts about some new and exciting novels, and a  makeover cover reveal. I think I'll be tossing a review in there somewhere too, but I'm not sure what date. This week I read "Fiery Bride" by Cynthia Woolf, "Landslide" by NJ Cole, and "Infraction" by KI Lynn. All three of those will have reviews posted in the next couple of weeks. Please check back everyday so you don't miss a thing.