Feeding My Kindle ~ August 19th, 2013

A few sinful stories this week along with another impulse buy that really paid off.

Bonds of Attraction (Bonds of Attraction, #1-3)
Starting out, I got 3 books in 1. The Bonds of Attraction series is about a matchmaker who has made it a rule to not get involved with a client. When a cocky and charismatic sex club owner walks into her office, her resolve is severely crushed.
Hero of her Heart

Tanner and Bethany's mother's have been trying to get the pair together since childhood. Bethany idolized Tanner, but was in her ugly ducking phase for most of her childhood. All grown up now, Bethany is a sexy and successful businesswoman hoping the time has come to get Tanner's attention.

The Best Man's Baby (A Red River Book) Another Entangled Publishing find. Claire is the preacher's daughter and Jake was the town screw-up. The night her best friend marries his brother, they give in to an attraction that had been brewing for years. Jake then freaks and takes off for six weeks. A few days before his return, Claire finds out she's pregnant. Once she lets him know he is going to be a daddy all hell breaks loose.
The Agreement
Grad student Kate wants a Dom to help her with her research into BDSM. She finds a willing Dom over the internet and is floored when her father's best friend's son, Neurosurgeon Drake, walks in. Unable to resist, Kate dives into Drake's world head first.

New BeginningsThis Suspense/Romance cover caught my eye. Sarah leaves her world in Chicago behind and returns to her sleepy little hometown in Iowa. She never expects to be whisked away in the night and thrown in a dark, cold jail cell, nor did she expect a suspicious fire would play a large part in her future.
Hometown Star

Television producer, Starlene, is trying to overcome her white trash upbringing. Her life comes to a screeching halt when ex-nemisis, Cade, asks her to come back home to remove her deceased aunt's things from the trailer that resides on his land. When her job gives her an assignment near Cade, she reluctantly agrees. When she shows up, all the feelings of guilt over his treatment of Starlene hit Cade hard. Cade then vows to make up for the past and get Starlene to give him a chance.

Perfect for You (Laurel Heights, #1)
Freya has designer's block right when she is hired to re-design an adult website that could catapult her career. She wonders if a man might jumpstart her creative juices. The man who she keeps coming back to is the playboy from the apartment upstairs, Greg. He's so wrong for her but she just can't stay away.

Rent A Husband: A Romantic ComedyWhat a great title! After being dumped by her hubby for a younger woman, Darcy is desperate to find a date for her town's Spring Ball. Enter down on his luck Forrest. Darcy needs a hubby and Forrest is for rent and turns her world upside down.

Mail Order Rose (Mail Order Brides #1)Rose has been heartbroken and betrayed. Her only option is to flee and become a mail order bride. She never expects her fragile heart to be repair, but her new husband, David, is up for the challenge.
BlissMorgan is left shattered when her husband of three years dies. When she meets her friend's new boyfriend, Carter, something in her stirs. All she wants is to feel again, but Carter shouldn't be the one to fill up the emptiness and he doesn't plan on doing it either.

10 great new additions! 

Coming up this week: a Cover Reveal with Sherri Hayes, review of "Are You Mine?" by N.K. Smith, and the Indie Block Party begins. The Indie Block party is a blog party of 35 indie authors doing 8 blog posts over 2 weeks. It begins with the getting to know me post today and will continue with several other tasty topics.

Last weeks reads: "Are You Mine?" by N.K. Smith, "The Best Man's Baby" by Victoria James, "The Wedding Dress Diaries" by Amiee Carson, and "Landslide" by NJ Cole.

Let me know what wonderful reads you've found lately!