Feeding My Kindle ~ August 12th, 2013

This week I was really into the marriage, almost wedding, and baby making themes. It seemed to influence the new titles I picked up.

Worth The Weight (The Worth, #1)This premise caught my eye. Successful PR Guru, Lizzie, has lost half her body weight. She wants to get back in the dating game but doesn't want her first time out in her new body to be with her intended new flame. She decides to go back to her home town to have a summer fling and try it out on the one that got away, Finn. He is attracted the second they see each other again, but Finn's life hasn't been perfect either. Lizzie begins to have second thoughts about leaving when the summer ends.

Worth The Drive  (The Worth, #2)This is book 2 in The Worth series. We transition from Lizzie's story to her friend, Katie. Katie's hubby leaves her after over a decade of childless marriage. A weekend in Texas with Lizzie scouting an up and coming golfer has Katie crushing on a three time Masters winner, Dario. One night with Dario gives Katie the thing she has always wanted, a baby. Katie goes on tour with Dario to see what could become of the almost parents.

Worth The Fall (The Worth, #3)This is book 3 of The Worth Series. This time we get the story of Lizzie and Katie's two friends, Petey and Alison. I wanted Petey to find someone after falling for him in book 1. His hockey career ends when he slips on the ice of his parents driveway and tears up his knee. Alison is the only friend who has the right space for him to recover. She is forced to let him into her space and face the history of their relationship not even Katie and Lizzie know about.

The Princess Problem This is loosely based on "The Princess and the Pea" fairytale. Alicia needs to get the contract for a commercial for Highborn Mattresses. While the Highborn Matriarch is in charge of the commercial, her son Josh isn't thrilled with the Princess and the Pea idea. While attempting to create the commercial of Alicia's career, Mama Highborn decides it's time to play matchmaker.

Intentions of the Earl (Scandalous Sisters #1)This is the first in another series by Rose Gordon. I love her Groom series so I had to pick up the first in the Scandalous Sisters series. Brooke Banks doesn't want to get married. Her life changes when impoverished Earl Andrew Black enters her life. In thirteen days Brooke's world is turned upside down and she begins to wonder if a marriage is possible after all.
Hired by the Cowboy (Windover Ranch #1)

Oh how I love a sexy cowboy story! In the first book of the Windover Ranch series, Alexis finds herself pregnant and alone. She knows she can do it on her own, but cowboy Conner is determined to help. He needs a temporary wife and she needs somewhere to live until the baby comes. Perfect, right? Maybe, but when Alexis begins to want the marriage to be real, things get interesting.

Boomerang Bride Matilda leaves Australia for Wisconsin and Barry, the man who swept her off her virtual feet. Finding out she was swindled and wearing a wedding dress on Main Street, she's stuck in the small town. Along comes Marc, the not-so-romantic hero of Matilda's dreams. Maybe he can save the day or help her get home.

Entangled Publishing was having a sale this weekend, so I picked up three new titles.

Falling For Her Fiance (Accidentally in Love, #1) Dani and Wes have been friends since college. When she needs a date for her work retreat and he needs one for his sister's wedding, they become each other's fiance. Yet, when the pretending starts neither of them want it to stop. Things get dicey when Dani is confronted by Wes' ex-fiance who admits she still loves him.
Kissing Kendall

Widow of two years, Kendall has hit rock bottom after losing her job. Her best friend's brother, police officer Brad, has loved Kendall for years. When he encourages Kendall to open her own bakery, his sister offers him up as a handy man to get the place in shape. Kendall is drawn to Brad but can't take a chance on a man with a dangerous job after her firefighter hubby died while on duty. Once Brad has one kiss, he won't give up on making Kendall his.

Kissing the Maid of Honor (Secret Wishes, #1) Sela is the Maid of Honor while the insufferable Luke is the Best Man. A humiliation at Luke's hand in high school cemented Sela's opinion of the jock. She vows to focus on her duties and stay clear of Luke, but she seems to stir up a passion in Luke he never knew existed. Wonder if Sela has a little bit of passion in her as well.

There you have it! Ten awesome new titles. This week I read the three books in The Worth Series (all yummy), "The Impostor", "Obsession and Sacrifice", "Becoming Invisible", "Falling for Her Fake Fiance", and "Kissing Kendall". Reviews coming this week are for "Force of Nature" by Sydney Logan and "Obsession and Sacrifice" by Tiffany Carmouche. I am also happy to announce I've become a reviewer for The Masquerade Crew. I hope to have a review posted on their site in September. More delicious things are coming so make sure to keep up with me here on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Happy Reading!