"Hollywood Lies" by NK Smith Blog Tour and Character Interview

N.K. Smith has done it again. In her seventh book published by The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House, Smith is focusing on the land of lies, Hollywood.

In a world where make believe is a multibillion dollar industry, it’s hard to know where the fantasy ends and real life begins. When Collette Stroud, an influential Hollywood actor and director, takes a chance on two young actors for her romantic teen movie, three lives converge in a complicated web of publicity, passion, lust, and lies.

The web is cast when Stroud, a woman with a few skeletons in her closet, hires two young artists in her low-budget film. She handpicks Liliana Addison and Devon Maddox to be Hollywood’s next big stars. Former child star Liliana has had limited success with her previous roles but hopes to take the world by storm under Collette’s tutelage. While Devon is an out of work actor, he never stops dreaming about making it big. The director’s interest in him assures Devon his dreams are about to become reality.

Sparks between Collette and Devon set their lives ablaze, but the studio has other plans. Executives concoct a fictitious romance in order to drive box office sales and launch careers between Devon and Liliana. When the studio offers to make the young actors into bona fide stars, will the price be too high to pay, or will the deal be too sweet to pass up?
Can the trio handle the pressure of a hidden romance coupled with a phony public relationship? Will love be enough to conquer the promise of fame, fortune, and a lasting legacy, or will it be an easy sacrifice?

All three will tread the thin line of Hollywood Lies and genuine passion on the most important red carpet walk of their lives.

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I have a special treat for you all. N. K. Smith gives us a little extra peek into the life of Devon Maddox. Here is Devon's point of view of his interview with reporter, Carmen Wolfe.

~~ * ~~

She looks at the camera and dons a perfect smile. I bet she practices it in the mirror. "Hey, guys," she starts casually with fake enthusiasm. "Carmen Wolfe coming at you on the set of the much anticipated sequel to Tortured Desires, and I just happened to have the world's hottest star, Devon Maddox, with me."

The reporter suddenly grabs me by the forearm and pulls me in closer to her. I was already in the frame, but now we're so close our bodies are pressed together.

"So, Devon, tell your fans how great this sequel is going to be? Will there be more action than the previous film? What do you think of the new director? How hot will the scenes with co-star Liliana Addison get? Is there any truth to the hook-up rumors?"

I don’t know where to start. For a second, my mind goes blank, but then somewhere I can hear Cole's voice echoing in my brain. Just give them what they want to hear. Sell the movie. I force my lips to curve upward into my own practiced smile. I give a visible wink to the camera before turning to Carmen to answer her. "This film is great. It has every thing the first one had but everything is taken up a notch. As for action, the plot is a little thicker this go around. Now that his relationship with Maya is solidified, my character's focus can be turned a little more external."

"To what?" She nudges me with her elbow.

I fight back the urge to nudge sharply in return. "Oh, I don't know," I say and draw out the words. "His past. Who disfigured him, that sort of thing."

"Sounds intriguing, but I hope it's not all serious and action packed. Do you get a little snuggle time with Liliana? And tell me the truth, Devon, are you and she a thing?"

"A thing?" I say with a laugh. "If you mean are we a couple, no. "

"You say that, but I've seen some photographs that tell a different story."

I know exactly which photographs she's referring to. They're the staged photos of Lili and I standing way too close to just be friends at a small concert the other night. I wish I could just tell the world I'm not with Lili; that I'm actually with Cole, but the contract is strict and binding.

"Don't believe every picture you see, Carmen. Lili and I are just friends. This whole experience has been amazing and unique. There's no one else in the world who has gone through exactly the same thing I have."

"You mean your meteoric rise to stardom?"

I crinkle up my nose. "I guess if you want to call it that. But it's created a bond so--"

"But you and Liliana do get some hot and heavy scenes in this one, don't you?"

It's hard not to flip out on this woman, but I know it won't help the situation or drive people to see the movie, so instead, I respond to her inane question. "Yes. We do get a few scenes that are little on the warm side."

Carmen turns her carnivorous smile back to the camera. "Well, that's all the time we have right now. Keep your eyes open for more snippets and behind the scenes look at Tortured Desires II, right here."

When she's finished, she lowers her microphone and the smile disappears. She nods to the cameraman. "Okay, Juan, let's go see what the others are doing." Carmen turns back to me and places a hand on my forearm. "I know you've got something going with Lili, but when you're ready for a real woman, you should give me a call."

I can do nothing but stand there with crawling skin as she leaves. In the distance, I hear my name being shouted. I scan the distance and see a few photographers waving their arms while their cameras go off. I'm being photographed just standing here. Time to find my trailer and text Cole.

~~ * ~~

Based in the American Midwest, N.K. Smith is a Technical Writer for a Fortune 100 company. The author of the Old Wounds Series, she is a mother of two who finds the time to write very early in the morning when the rest of the world is still fast asleep.

An avid lover of history, art, music, books, and people, she is interested in telling stories that speak to the human condition.