My World of Characters: For the Love of Sam

Post updated December 16th, 2013.

It seems the term "Fictional Boyfriend" is being thrown around a lot these days. I have had several over my relatively short life span from books, television, and films.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Edward Ferrars, Edward Cullen, Spike aka William the Bloody, Seeley  Booth, and most recently, Nick Castle.

None stuck with me like a man named Sam.

Actor Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett

Sam Beckett was the lead character in the NBC series "Quantum Leap". The show debuted in 1989 with the plot of a man who could leap into the lives of other people within his own lifetime. I devoured every episode and cried for days after the final episode in May of 1993. This show and the character of Sam inspired me. I developed my love for creating my own stories and science fiction in general.

To pay homage to my great inspiration, at least one character in all f my published works has been named Sam. So, without further ado, I want to introduce you to all the Sams.

Actor Hugh Jackman
Title: Lies Inside

Character: Sam Weston

Occupation: Agent with the FBI

Role in the storyline: This Sam was the lead agent in the search for the main characters, Finn and Lucy, when they go missing. He was also the college roommate of Lucy's father.

Actor George Clooney
Title: Redemption & Revisited (The Redemption Series)

Character: Sam Fleming

Occupation: Angel and President of the Boston office of The Manchester Group.

Role in the storyline: Sam is the patriarch of the series. He is able to love and protect his girls, Becca and Lily, while still doing his duty for The Manchester Group.

Actor Charles Durning
Title: Not the Same Season 

Character: Sam Baughman

Occupation: Santa Claus at Healy Christmas Tree Farm

Role in the storyline: He and his wife, Stella, play Mr. and Mrs. Claus at lead character, Hannah Stone's Christmas tree farm. He also serves as a surrogate father for Hannah.

Actor Lee Pace
Title: Fireworks

Character: Sam Crawford

Occupation: Evening Hospital Administrator of Lakeland Children's Hospital.

Role in the storyline: He is the lead male character who has been separated from the female lead, Sophie, for ten years. His mother's interference and threats come to a head when Sophie walks back into his life.

Actress Julianne Moore
Title: Holiday Cure for the Cursed

Character: Samantha Wiggins

Occupation: Secretary of male lead character, Daniel Digby.

Role in the storyline: She is a peacekeeper of sorts. She helps Daniel keep both his personal and professional lives organized.

These are all my Sams at the moment, but I plan on creating many more!


  1. That's really neat, Lindsey. And I had a big crush on Sam Beckett, too. I wonder if the series is on Netflix. I should introduce my kids to him and Al.

  2. I too, LOVE Sam Beckett! One of my all time favorites. We've been watching old reruns of it and I STILL dissolve into tears watching it...

    J Molly- it is on Netflix, but not all episodes are on there. It IS though, on Hulu + and I'm pretty sure every episode is on there. ;)


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