Author on Author Book Review & Giveaway ~ "Heiress Bride" by Cynthia Woolf

Genre: Historical Romance
Medium: Available in Paperback and eBook format
Narrative: Third person

Heiress Ella Davenport survived a carriage accident that killed her father. Her life saved in exchange for savage scars marring her beautiful face. Her friends, socialites, showed their true colors, casting Ella aside like damaged goods and leaving her a social pariah. Even her wealth can’t buy her the kind of marriage she wants. Desperate to find a husband who can accept her despite her scars and, without knowing about her money, she seeks to become a mail order bride. Matchmaker & Co. is her one chance to start over and leave the pain and betrayal far behind her.

Nathan Ravenclaw was run out of town by the father of the girl he was courting once he discovered Nathan’s Arapaho heritage. It didn’t matter that Nathan was a successful rancher, businessman, and a positive member of society. The white community suddenly saw only a half-breed. Even his money couldn’t buy him a wife. That was ten years ago. He moved and rebuilt everything that cold rancher once took from him. He has it all...except a wife. Matchmaker & Company promises to send him a woman willing to start a new life with him. But Nathan's battered heart lacks the ability to trust. He longs for children, not romance. His new bride, scarred and cast aside like himself, promises to be perfect for him. Until he meets his mail order bride. Fierce desire and an even more dangerous hope roar back to life within him. Two things he swore never to indulge in again. 

And love? For these two battered souls, that's the biggest risk of all.

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I will state first off, that historical romance is not my usual cup of tea. That being said, just the summary pulled me into Ella and Nathan's world.

From the very beginning, I felt a connection with Ella. She was a young woman that carried a terrible burden. The scars she received in a carriage accident covered half of her face. Any husband she would find in New York society in the 1860's would marry her for her money. Ella didn't want a man like that.

Ella had a match-maker find her a husband in Nathan Ravenclaw. Woolf's description of Nathan is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. I do admit to a slack jaw while reading the descriptions of Nathan's astounding physique. The Colorado rancher had been burned by love because of his heritage. He wanted a wife to work along side him and give him his own heirs, not a woman to love.

From the introduction of Nathan to the story, I fell in love with his outgoing and generous personality. The way he and Ella took to each other from the first moment they met was a tell-tale sign of an epic romance, whether he would admit to it or not.

Every story has it's discord and Woolf brought forth an intriguing threat to the newlyweds life. I don't want to give it away, but I was kept on the edge of my seat for a majority of the book waiting to read what would ultimately happen to the couple.

It was very easy to get lost in the wonderful language of the time. I was laughing in the very beginning as Ella called her brother an "ornery cuss". For the time period, I was expecting hearts and flowers love scenes. Not in this one. Woolf was able to stay true to the period and create some very hot and sensual love scenes between Ella and Nathan.

This was my first experience with Cynthia Woolf's work, but she has published several other novels I want to read soon.

Cynthia Woolf was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in the mountains west of Golden. She spent her early years running wild around the mountain side with her friends.
Their closest neighbor was one quarter of a mile away, so her little brother was her playmate and her best friend. That fierce friendship lasted until his death in 2006.
Cynthia was and is an avid reader. Her mother was a librarian and brought new books home each week. This is where young Cynthia first got the storytelling bug. She wrote her first story at the age of ten. A romance about a little boy she liked at the time.
She worked her way through college and went to work full time straight after graduation and there was little time to write. Then in 1990 she and two friends started a round robin writing a story about pirates. She found that she missed the writing and kept on with other stories. In 1992 she joined Colorado Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America. Unfortunately, the loss of her job demanded she not renew her memberships and her writing stagnated for many years.
In 2001, she saw an ad in the paper for a writers conference being put on by CRW and decided she'd attend. One of her favorite authors, Catherine Coulter, was the keynote speaker. Cynthia was lucky enough to have a seat at Ms. Coulter's table at the luncheon and after talking with her, decided she needed to get back to her writing. She rejoined both CRW and RWA that day and hasn't looked back.
Cynthia credits her wonderfully supportive husband Jim and the great friends she's made at CRW for saving her sanity and allowing her to explore her creativity.

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