Armchair Book Expo of America Day 2 ~ Genre Fiction

Today's focus is what genre readers are drawn to and therefore blog about. The two main genres I'm attracted to are Romance and Paranormal.

Ahhh . . . Romance. For awhile last year I was on a kick about anything that had to do with weddings or sudden marriages. It started with:

The Knight and Maggie's Baby
Then I went on to:

The Marriage Pact

The Sometime Bride

Almost a Bride

Then I took a break for awhile, but not too long. I found the McMaster the Disaster Series by Rachel Astor. A fun series about how even the biggest disasters can come out on top. The titles alone totally hooked me.

Why romance, you might ask. I'm a sucker for the happily ever after. Usually in stories like these there is a fun and interesting way to get there. That makes the journey that much more exciting.

Now on to the Paranormal. That draw has a bit more of a story.

At a very young age, this little Kansas girl sat down to watch "The Wizard of Oz". I will admit right here and now, that movie scared the crap out of me as a kid. Tornados, houses flying to another land, witches, talking lions, and those flying monkeys were enough to give me nightmares for years.

As I got older, I started to wonder why I had been so scared. Then I began to seek out movies that would scare me just so I could figure it out. After several dozen so-called scary movies, I couldn't find a reason. Then I saw "Jeepers Creepers" and "The Grudge". It hit me. Those two movies along with "The Wizard of Oz" were the most realistic to me. We have tornados all the time in Kansas. I could possibly be sucked up in one at some point in my life. I could move into a house where someone had died a violent death or get lost on a country road with my sister.

That was my next task, to find those believable stories in books. My first forage into the realm of the believable Paranormal was the Twilight Saga

So, okay, not that believable, but vampires do intrigue me. So I went on to Claudia Gray's Evernight Series.

From there I discovered Kelly Armstrong's Darkest Powers Trilogy.

Then came two books that could scare anyone, Kendare Blake's Anna Series.

Every one of those novels had their own dash of truth in them. In the summer of 2008, I sat down at my computer and began to write my own believable Paranormal novel. That was when The Redemption Series was born. I bring a new outlook on vampires, angels, demons, and my own favorite creation, the shadow walker. My Catholic upbringing also came into play as I began writing about the Archangel Peter. My main character, Lily, is a vampire with a connection to God that I believe people can relate to. So in looking for believable paranormal adventures, I was able to create my own along the way. "Redemption" is an Adult Paranormal Romance that was published May 26th, 2011. Book two, "Revisited" was published August 2nd, 2012. Book three, "Resolution", the final book of the series is still in the works.

My journey continues as I read a mixture of Romance and Paranormal, ranging from Young Adult to Erotica. I'm having fun sharing my thoughts on what I read and hope that others are able to enjoy each story as much as I do.

This is me on Day 2. Stay tuned for what I have in store for the rest of the week!


  1. Out of the paranormal fiction books you mentioned, I've only read Twilight, but I might have to take a look at the others! I think you are right though, its much easier to find yourself afraid of something that could actually happen to you! I cant wait to take a look at the rest of your blog! :)

    new GFC follower :)
    Amanda @ I solemnly swear

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Amanda!

      The "Anna" series is billed as Young Adult Horror, but I think Horror is a little harsh. It's a ghost story and a romance like I've never seen before, but parts will leave you in terror.

      Kelly Armstrong has a long list of books to her credit, but The Darkest Powers Trilogy is my favorite. If you like YA/Paranormal, you should check it out.

  2. I've been hearing some great things about a lot of these series. Especially the Anna series. There all on my TBR pile!

    Ashley @ My Two Cents

    1. They are all awesome. You won't be sorry.

  3. Anna is a great series. I LOVED book one and only liked book 2.


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