Author on Author Book Review: "Loki's Game" by Siobhan Kinkade

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Medium:  eBook
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Narrative: Third person

GoodReads Summary: Unemployed museum curator Lily Redway responds to an advertisement in the newspaper, thinking she is applying for a job. On the other side of that small, black-and-white box waits two things: a fantasy world come to life and a man named Rowan Keir.

Rowan is a man with many secrets. He is a shape-shifter, a descendent of old world mythology, and the guardian of a rare and valuable Nordic artifact. He is also being hunted by the god Loki and has spent the last six hundred years outsmarting and outrunning him.

With the fury of Asgard on Rowan’s trail, Lily finds herself caught up in a real-life fantasy story, a love triangle, and an ages-old war that pitches her into a different world and one very hard truth: All is fair in love and war.


Imagine if you will, walking into a job interview where there are only two requirements. One, single female. Two, age twenty-five to thirty-two. Lily Redway met both of the qualifications and was desperate enough to answer the ad for the mysterious job.
            By chapter two, I was enraptured. Lily sweeps her would-be boss, Rowan Keir, off his feet. A surprise to Rowan, as that had not happened in his over six hundred-year life span. The chemistry was instant and sizzled off the pages.
            I don’t know much of Nordic mythology, but had heard of Odin and his son, Loki, before. This story wove a beautiful tale of the tragic family who had crossed Loki centuries before. With a search for love, Rowan ultimately brought forth an ending to a game that had gone on for centuries.
            Lately, I have had a hard time giving any story a five star review. If there is anything that nags at me or just a detail that just doesn’t flow well, I just can’t give it the five full stars. This novel left me without complaint. The story was solid and well written. It kept my interest at every turn. Most important to me in a stand-alone novel, the ending made me happy. I think the point of any stand-alone book is to give the reader their happy place at the end of the novel. Kinkade gave me that happy place and I am overjoyed and proud to give “Loki’s Game” five stars.

About the author

At a very early age, Siobhan developed a love of reading. By first grade she was on a fifth grade level, and by the time she was a teenager she spent every penny she earned on new books. Oddly enough she gravitated toward science fiction, fantasy and horror while avoiding the romance genre at all costs. It wasn’t until her mother introduced her to Nora Roberts that she realized romance could be fun.
Not much has changed since then. She is still a voracious reader and recovering grammar junkie.
Left to her own devices, she plots interesting ways to seduce, frighten, and destroy. While she finds herself drawn to the dark and eerie, she is also very much a free spirit and hopeless romantic. With multiple stories in publication and several more on the way she spends her time writing happy-ever-afters for the underdogs.
Siobhan writes both contemporary and dark paranormal romance (and a little bit of fantasy and horror under another name, omitted to protect the guilty), much of it of a highly erotic nature. Having never really enjoyed reading romance, she finds writing it to be a cathartic act. By manipulating the characters, she can make the happy endings much more satisfying for herself, and hopefully for her readers as well.
Most days, Siobhan can be found lurking in one of these places: 


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