Countdown to REVISITED: Places of The Redemption Series

I can't believe August 2nd is almost here. Only two weeks until the release of my second book in The Redemption Series, "Revisited"!

As the days tick off the calendar, I will be posting extra content from my experience writing the series. Since series takes you across the globe to some rather interesting places, I thought I would share a little about my vision of these places and the pictures that have inspired me.

 Lily's Icelandic Cottage: Day

This is the basic style of the cottage Lily owns that appears in several chapters of "Redemption". Just imagine it with a lot more snow!

 Lily's Icelandic Cottage: Night

I can just envision Lily in chapter 1 of "Redemption" running through the night to reach her cottage.

 Lily's Comfy Cottage Bedroom

Lily would love to just fall into this bed after a long hunt. I'm sure she'd be careful to not get any blood on her nice white sheets. LOL

Hotel de Russie in Rome

When I was researching places for Lily and Ryan to have their second honeymoon, I found this hotel in Rome. The views are breathtaking. I would love to be able to stay there if I get the chance.

Hotel de Russie Balcony

Who wouldn't love to sit and enjoy a meal from this balcony? I sigh every time I look at this picture.

Leatherby Manor

This is what I envision as the home Lily shared with her sire, Martin Leatherby, in Reading, England. I love that it is big but not too imposing. It looks like a real home and not some stuffy old house.

Mystery Waterfall

This was the inspiration for a scene in chapter 8 of "Revisited". I can't tell you what happens here without spoilers, so I'll just say that it is the perfect setting for the action that takes place.

Balestrino, Italy

I know this picture might look a bit ominous, but I see so much beauty in this abandoned town that makes an appearance in chapter 15 of "Revisited". A large amount of "Revisited" takes place here. My husband and I researched this town for hours on end and I'm completely fascinated with it. It is about an hour west of Genoa and has been abandoned due to being ravaged by earthquakes. I took that information and used it to The Manchester Group's advantage.

I hoped you've enjoyed a peek into what has inspired me. I look forward to sharing more with you as the countdown continues.