Book Tour Wrap Up

Whoa, the last two weeks has really flown by! I had such a blast getting to talk to people about "Redemption" and hearing what people are thinking of the story.

If you missed any of it, I made several stops on my tour.

Reviews were posted at:

The Write to Make a Living

Hands and Home

Wakela Rune's World

Guest Posts:

My Musical Inspirations

How I keep my writing organized

My World of Characters

Radio Interviews are each on the right sidebar or at the following:

Lynnette Phillips

Candy O'Donnell

JC and Jess of The VRO

I also was on with Lady J of The Eclectic Artists Cave and gave away an autographed copy of "Redemption" to, drum roll please........... RANDY IVY! YEAH!

I had such a wonderful time and I hope we got the word out on "Redemption". Thank you, thank you, thank you to TWCS PH marketing director, Donna, for putting it all together. She works so hard for all the authors and I hope she knows how much we all appreciate her. I would love to do more guest posts or interviews, so if you know anyone who is interested please let me or Donna know.

As for upcoming projects, I have a full plate. "Revisited" is being written right now. Audio books for both "Lies Inside" and "Redemption" are being voiced by me and I hope they are available by 2012. I'm also working on a prequel in my rare spare time called "The Gideon Complex". You'll learn more about Sam, Anne, Becca, Lily, Abe, and the mysterious Nathaniel Archer. I'm so excited. Nathaniel is a character I've been working on vigilantly over the last few months. I love him to death and just like my other characters, he has a story to tell to. Wonder what it is? I hope to let you know sooner rather than later.

For now, enjoy the read!

Virtual Book Tour

Welcome one and all to my book tour! No, I will not be at a mall near you, but just boot up your computer and surf the web to find out about me and my newest novel, "Redemption". There are several stops so make sure you you check out each one.

June 13th: Check out The Write to Make a Living Blog for a new review of "Redemption".

June 14th: I write a guest post for The Write to Make a Living Blog about my musical inspirations. If you've read any of my character bios, you know how much music influences my creative process.

June 16th: I write a guest post for ParaYourNormal Blog on one of my biggest fears as a writer and how I finally have found a way to deal with it.

June 20th: I'm so excited to be stopping by to chat with Lynnette Phillips on Blog Talk Radio! The show airs at 3pm eastern, 6pm pacific (which for me is 5pm central) Make sure to go to the link and set up a reminder. Also get the number to call in if you want to ask me a question on air! If you missed the show, check out the player in the right hand column with the interview. I come on about 6 minutes in.

June 21st: Check out my guest post My World of Characters and Bonnie's review on Hands and Home

June 22nd: The next stop is at the book review blog Wakela's World

June 23rd: I'll be chatting with Candy O'Donnell on her radio show. The show airs at 8:00pm central. You can also set up a reminder once she has put up the link for the upcoming show.

June 24th: The last day seems to be the busiest with three stops!

First stop is at Mommies Point of View Blog.

Then at 11:00am central I will be stopping by to chat with Lady J on The Eclectic Artist Cave on FateRadio. Stay tuned for details, but Lady J and I are cooking up a contest. The prize? An autographed copy of "Redemption" and a few other goodies.

The last stop will be chatting with the hosts of The V.R.O. The show will also air at 8:00pm CST. You can setup a reminder here as well when they put up the link for the show.

Whew! I'm tired already. I'm such a busy girl. I hope you will check out all the stops and download the eBook or order the paperback of "Redemption". I look forward to discussing it with all of you. Enjoy the Read!