Flasher Fiction Fridays! "Team Spirit"

It's that time again. Flasher Fiction Friday is an amazing picture prompt with 100 words written, only 100 words. I had a little trouble this week and I'm not sure how this one will go over, but it's all in fun.

"Team Spirit" by Lindsey Gray

His lips sent a surge of liquid heat straight to my heart as he pressed them to my knuckles. We could not continue to be, period. Our whole world had fallen apart because of our huge difference that could never be remedied.

“You're sure?” He whispered as his forehead came to rest on the hand he held in a vice.

“Yes. I just can't change the way I am. I'm sorry.”

“Team fucking Edward.” He grumbled as he let go.

“And your Team Jacob.” I shuddered. “Nasty dog.”

“At least Jacob's peen doesn't sparkle.”


He, he. Hope you all enjoyed my little story in honor of opening day of "Breaking Dawn Part 1".

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FFF for November 11th, 2011

Welcome to my Flasher Fiction Friday for 11-11-11. It's bound to be a great day. Enjoy!

Today by Lindsey Gray

“You feel that?”

The bulge pressed hard into the flesh of my back as he held me tight to his chest. I gulped before I whispered. “Yes.”

“I'll use it. I promise.” His teeth practically marred my skin with each word.

My eyes turned to what was before me. My beautiful bride, her dressed pooled around her as she sat on our marriage bed. The terror echoed off the walls as her ex's grip tightened on my throat. Her eyes met mine, her tears silently fell. Then... I winked. Today was not his day, it was ours.

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FFF for November 4th, 2011

Alright all, here's is my first go at the FFF I described in my last post. 100 words, only 100 words. Here we go.

SHE by Lindsey Gray

Stuck between light and dark, between heaven and hell, I have come to rest.

My hair flowed in wet, silky tresses down my back. My skin was slick and salty waiting for him to bring his hungry mouth to caress it.

I swam underneath the waterfall and found my footing just in time for him to see me. My pulse quickens to a butterfly flutter. My voice is silent as he comes to meet me.

“Today, my Nymph.” He uttered before his lips latched onto mine.

One day to lay with him. Best day of my life. “Today.”

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Flasher Fiction Fridays!

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you all know I will be participating in something pretty new to me. Flasher Fiction Friday is comprised of several authors writing 100 words on a picture prompt. It's amazing how agonizing writing exactly 100 words can be. It has been an awesome challenge. Come back this friday, November 4th, for my first FFF post. I will leave a link to find everyone else participating, so you can hop on over and take a look what others thought.