"Season of Love" Romance Compilation

Excited to let you all know that my short story, "Not The Same Season", has been included in TWCS PH 1st Romance Compilation! "Season of Love" is a book of four holiday short stories by several TWCS PH authors. It is only available from October 27th, 2011 to January 31st, 2012. Pre-order the paperback today. It's only $10 for four amazing stories. As of October 27th, download the eBook for only 99 cents. What a deal! So happy to be a part of this project and to work with such amazing people to make my dreams come true.

Now, here are the details on the book and all the yummy stories you can enjoy.

Genre: Romance

Publishing Date: October 27th, 2011

Pages: 233

ISBN (paper): 978-1-61213-089-7
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-61213-090-3

Story Summaries:

A Christmas Proposal by Sherri Hayes 
Matthew Andersen knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Cali Stanton. Since she came into his life just five months ago, his world had completely changed for the better. With everything in their lives finally coming together, he was determined to make their first Christmas a memorable one.

Not the Same Season by Lindsey Gray 
Two broken hearts embarked on a holiday season in a way they never had before. Divorced. Mitch had been badly burned by love, but was willing to take a chance. . .  with the right woman. Hannah had lived everyday with the grief love had brought her that followed her everywhere. Can two hearts find love and heal each other during the most difficult season of the year?

A Christmas Kiss by Jennifer Schmidt 
Christmas Eve for Emma Callaway is just another night stuck at the office fetching coffee and being ignored by her workaholic boss Jarrett Mackenzie. But when a snow storm forces them to spend the night together Emma learns her boss isn’t quite what he seems. And when Jarrett finally notices his assistant the only thing he wants for Christmas is her.

Bone Deep by C. M. Smith 
Matt Kulver never wanted a steady girlfriend. Being able to come and go as he pleased, not having to answer to anyone, and able to sleep around with as many other girls as he wanted was something he prided himself in. That all changed when the one girl who stuck by his side in spite of the jerk moves he would pull. When she, his best friend, starts to pull away, he's forced to face the truth.  This Christmas, Matt has a lot to make up for.

Hope you all will take a moment to check them al out!


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    1. This compilation is no longer available in print. It was a limited time holiday run. Sorry.


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