Exciting Writing Exercise

I've been listening to a show on FateRadio for the past week called The Eclectic Artist Cave. Today's guest was writer/genius, Jack Remick. He talked about a technique of writing that he absolutely swears by. Basically you sit and write for a predetermined period of time with no periods or quotations. Just write a huge run on sentence about whatever you want, an event in a characters life, how they feel, an experience they are living. It is something I had heard of but never really had it explained the way Jack explained it. It's so simple, but brings out such clarity. You just let it all out, don't go back, don't edit while writing. You just write for the time you've set, then stop. Some of the listeners took it upon ourselves to do this exercise with Jack and the host, Lady J. I have been super focused on the character I have added to the Characters Bio list today. The Vegas Mystery Man's feelings don't entirely come out in this novel and I want to make sure he gets his say in the next one. So, I'm going to keep trying to do this writing exercise as I work my way through “Revisited”. What I write for the exercise was very spoil worthy, so I did change just a few things for the purpose of posting here. I wanted to share with you what I came up with in those 5 minutes today to give a little example. It's written in first person hopefully to give it that extra oomph.

I am the Vegas Mystery Man and I'm one of the bad guys of Redemption I never knew what my life was supposed to be like I didn't know what the black flames meant He taught me He told me how to live what I needed to do to survive I needed her She would make everything clean and clear Lily Lily Lily once I found her I knew I could never let her go It was primal an instinct that I never knew existed in me I love her I crave her I need her she's my world my blood my bones every cell that lives in my body is because of her I don't care about the others They only cause hate but she is love joy peace waterfalls into my heart I need her to stop it to stop the beating to be together for eternity she is the only one who can make it happen I know what they want me for They want me to kill her They think it will be the end They think if I do what they want me to she will cease to exist but I know my Lily She will find a way She will live on She will be mine and I will dive into her beauty and love Once I'm hers she will never be able to forget me I'll be in her mind I will be in her soul

Whoa, I still get some gooseflesh just reading it. For any writers, if you haven't tried it, just try once and see how it feels. For more on the technique and Jack, check out his blog with his writing partner, Robert Ray. http://weekendnovelist.com/website_rewrite/weekend_novelist_blog/

Happy writing!


  1. I'm soooo glad you had fun today. I really loved Jack as a guest. He's so full of experience and information.huge huge hugs!

    Oh and I plan on using the technique to finish out the short story for the anthology I'm working on...we should trade pages sometime. :)


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